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Name: Borden and Carole
Trailer: Boler 1978 17' 4" Earlton Ont Model
Posts: 1,003
Our favorite car was the Echo, peppy 1.6L 4 speed automatic it only pulled a small 1000lb trailer but was a joy to drive while towing or in snow. Do not miss the smaller trailer, just the car.

1978 Ontario made Boler
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Name: Mike
Trailer: Bigfoot 17' DLX
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I've owned many cars and trucks over the years but I have to say my all time favorites were the Mitsubishi Montero Sports I owned, three in total, all 4x4s. I had a first year 1997 XLS, then when the 3.5L V6 came out I upgraded to a 1999 Limited, and finally a 2003 XLS. I drove those things into the ground and they were as tough as nails.

Mitsubishi quit making them for the North American market in 2004. I finally had to get rid of my last one when I started living part of the year in Alaska, where there is no Mitsubishi dealer, thus no parts nor factory service. It was 9 years old when I sold it but it looked and ran like a champ. I still see it now and then around Anchorage and every time I do, I miss it.

I drive a 4WD Toyota Tundra now. It's nice and tows my Bigfoot nicely, but I don't have an emotional connection to it like I did to the Monteros. This is a pic I took of my last Montero Sport, the 2003 XLS, on my first trip to Alaska at "Mile 0" of the Alaska Highway. I sold it later that year.
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Name: Floyd
Trailer: 2004 13 ft Scamp Custom Deluxe
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I have owned many great cars(around eighty)... from a beautiful 1929 Ford streetrod, A 1957 Chevy BelAir convertible, many special interest cars with thousands of hours spent building them. I loved my early Cougars, Mustang convertible and third generation Econolines. The rock solid reliability of several Ranger pick-ups deserves honorable mention.
When all is said and done though. My all time favorite vehicle so far was my 1977 Ford Pinto sedan, bright yellow with black stripes. With only a couple hundred dollars in modifications, (good tires and shocks) this car left me smiling with every turn of the key!
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Name: Bob
Trailer: No Fiberglass Yet
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I want to play...

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures but do have many memories.

First car (like my first girlfriend) was special – 1953 MGTD.Unlike Donna it isn’t still in my garage. I did own it for almost 25 years andit went from daily driver to school to weekend cruising. Followed by a 1968 MGC that was the best road car I ever had. It was a little heavy in the front endwith that 6 cyl motor but would eat up the hwys. Even though it was British, it was bullet proof. Bought when it had about 40.0k miles on it and parked it whenit hit 160.0k; spun the bearings. Ended up selling it for what I originallypaid for it. It is another one I still wish I had in the garage. They only madethe “C” for 2 years.

Third and final regret was a 1975 Cosworth Vega. Talk abouta sleeper! In ’75 Road & Track published that it had quicker ¼ mile timesthan the ’75 Vet. They were only made for 2 years and pretty much you boughtthe engine and Chevrolet gave you the car for free. They also cost more than theVet. Twin overhead cams, pent roof combustion chamber, 16 valve, stainless tubularheaders, fuel injection and over 4,000 RPM it pulled like a V-8 up to 6,500RPM. And everybody thought it was just a black Vega.

Now days I’m in pursuit of the “favorite trailer”! Great memories.
The road goes on for ever and the party never ends... RLK
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Name: Jon
Trailer: 2017 Escape 21
Oswego, NY
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Originally Posted by padlin00 View Post
69 Rally Racing Green Camero, unfortunately hot cars and teenagers don't mix, at least not for long. Just like this one except not an SS.

Boy does that look familiar! A tough call for me between my first, a 1959 MG Midget & my 1969 Camaro SS convertible (only a 350), but lots of fun.

I drove both into the ground (although that doesn't take long here in the heavily salted north east roads)...
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Trailer: Oliver Legacy Elite II
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This 1970 Corvette was what I drove during my 3rd thru 5th years of college at Ole Miss. It had all the bells and whistles that you could order in 1970 and still cost less than $7000. It could be filled with premium gas for about $6.00. I have no idea what its gas milage was, at less than 30 cents a gallon, nobody ever wondered.

Although it would be totaly impractable to own today, I wish I'd somehow held on to it. But I sat in one just like it a few years ago and was amazed at how uncomfortable it was compared to todays vehicles. Still, it was a pretty cool car to own at twenty.
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Steve and Tali - Dogs: Reacher and Lucy and our beloved Storm and Maggie (waiting at the Rainbow Bridge)
2008 Outlaw Oliver Legacy Elite & 2014 Outlaw Oliver Legacy Elite II
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Name: Tim
Trailer: '88 Scamp 16, layout 4
North Florida
Posts: 1,462
Hmmm, judging from some of the responses a lot of us are getting on up there. And also that most of you have owned a lot cooler cars than me. I guess my fav is sitting down in my barn. It is a bone stock 1968 Chevy K10 4X4. Three on the tree, smallish straight six, no power anything, short box step side. In order for me to get it the previous owner made me promise to take good care of it and ensure it never turned into a mud bogger.

My second would be my two-owner (me second) 1965 Dodge Coronet. Four doors, three on the tree, six seat belts and six rims/tires. The original/previous owner went to the junk yard and added two more lap belts front and back so so everybody could ride safely. He also found another stock rim and mounted a set of snow tires he swapped on in the winter. They are in the trunk and as I have no need of snow tires (in Florida) I suppose I just have two spares. He drove it to Florida from the mid-west, retired and sold it to me for $225 (instead of the $250 asking price because the battery was dead). Still has coffee cans in the trunk with every set of points, condenser and spark plug the car ever saw.

Both of the above would probably make cool Scamp-toters.
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Name: Steve
Trailer: 2003 Casita 16' SD
Posts: 1,729
1974 Lotus Europa TC Special. Sadly, it hasn't left my garage in years. Needs a new water pump and the first step in the shop manual for changing the pump is: Remove the Engine. A recently purchased sailboat swept my attention away.

Overall height: 42.5". That's about to the bottom of the driver's window on my Flex. I used to tell people that when I changed lanes I could feel it in my butt as I passed over the paint stripes.
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Scamp 13
Posts: 1,542
38 years ago I bought my 1974 Bronco and kept it all this time. 3 years ago I gave it a face lift. In all these years the only people that touched it was the smog testers and tire shops. I kept it alive all these years.
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Name: Dave
Trailer: Casita SD17 2006
Posts: 3,181
Jim, Wayne I can add a sad story also. My neighbor was the So Cal District manager for Chevy. He had bought a 1956 Nomad new. Had one of his dealerships install a 327 Vet motor in it. In 1972 he ask me if I wanted it as it was time to let it go. Beautiful copper and white, mint cond but I don't care for the looks of the '56 front and rear end so I passed. I've kicked myself to many times over that. I could have bought it for $900.00. Look at the $$$ now. Talk about the one that got away
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Name: Wayne
Trailer: Nest fan, Airstream Sold
Posts: 1,995
Originally Posted by Steve L. View Post
1974 Lotus Europa TC Special.

Overall height: 42.5".
Hey Steve... Looks like a keeper. Back in the early 70's I sat in an Europa. I am 6'2" and it was a struggle. My feet disappeared somewhere up near the headlights. I told the salesman I was looking for a daily driver and he nicely told me to "keep looking", as the Europa was a race car with licence plates and wouldn't stand up to city, stop and go driving. I liked the car though.

Originally Posted by Borrego Dave View Post
Jim, Wayne I can add a sad story also. My neighbor was the So Cal District manager for Chevy. He had bought a 1956 Nomad new. Had one of his dealerships install a 327 Vet motor in it. In 1972 he ask me if I wanted it as it was time to let it go. Beautiful copper and white, mint cond but I don't care for the looks of the '56 front and rear end so I passed. I've kicked myself to many times over that. I could have bought it for $900.00. Look at the $$$ now. Talk about the one that got away
Oh boy Dave, wouldn't a Nomad with a Vet engine be a gold mine today.
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Name: Fred
Trailer: 13 ft Boler
Kootenay's of BC
Posts: 690
Originally Posted by MC1 View Post
Well we are into the cold winter months and not lucky enough to be down south so thought I would get something going here that would interest most of us.

I have owned about 30 vehicles over my lifetime and was thinking what if?

What if I could have any one of them back again which one would it be?

After a bit of thought mine would have to be this 1970 AMX. I owned it from 1971 to 1973 and had so much fun with this car. It ran H/PS at Toronto Dragway Park and was never beaten in about a dozen runs there. Best time was 14:32 @ 100MPH with street tires. No doubt with sticky rear tires high 13's would be in range. It had a 360ci V8 with a close ratio 4 speed, factory Hurst shifter, posi rear end with factory trac bars.

This pic was taken in 1973 just before I sold it. I'm interested in hearing about your favorite all time vehicle!

Well U sold yours just be fore I bought mine, 1964 Mercury Comet bought Oct. '74,, still have it, has been many different vehicles though, was our daily driver at first, 289 4 speed stock, then put a 351c 4 speed went drag racing, then a sunday ice cream driver, street terror,, changed to supercharged V6 5speed, and started really driving it, last year to California and back pulling our Boler.
I traded a year old VW beetle and 500$ to boot, most everybody laughed at me,,,,,,, there's something about he who laughs last,,,,,
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Trailer: Snoozy
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Just for Donna, my first car was a '68 Ford Mustang 289 and auto. There have been a few favorites through the years but the all time favorite is my Lotus Elise.

This photo was taken about two weeks before the last shuttle flight. And Steve is not joking about being able to feel the stripes painted on the road when you cross over them.
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Name: Michael
Trailer: Li'l Hauley
Posts: 5,391
My first car was a red '73 Chevy Vega. And no, I don't want it back. But I recall my dad saying that the motor mounts would take just about any GM engine that would fit in there. Lots of potential. The stock engine, though, was a piece of junk aluminum.

We had a '89 Plymouth Grand Voyager that I enjoyed greatly. It rode nice and the seat was comfy, and we took some nice family trips in it. But it sure needed a lot of repairs by today's standards; the fuel pump and alternator were like clockwork for breakdowns.

Nope, I wouldn't want to trade any of those other vehicles I've owned for the one I have right now. This Highlander has been the most reliable and best riding vehicle I've ever had.

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