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Name: Bat Dude
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My Mini Cooper!!!!
The original style!
Could not pull our Scamp however...


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Name: Jon
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Your all time favorite vehicle???

I'll probably be laughed off the board for saying it, but the best vehicle I've ever owned was a 2000 Toyota Sienna. Comfortable, versatile, simple, economical, and rock-solid reliable. Spark plugs and timing belt at 100K, front brake pads at 160K, and the usual fluids, tires, and batteries- that's it in 12 years of ownership. Okay... It doesn't make the pulse race...

Worst vehicle? 1985 Ford Ranger. My first brand new vehicle. Burned a quart of oil every 900 miles from new. Ford said that was "within normal range." Sold it after 2 years, and I saw it often around town spewing blue smoke. Now that vehicle got my pulse racing!

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Name: Roger
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Smile Favorite car

One's first car always has to be near the top.

Mine was a 1959 Triumph Estate Wagon which I won through a local radio station, WOKY in Milwaukee. "Wow, it's the most to say the least."

The first car I bought also is near the top, a 1962 Studebaker Lark 2 door. One could wear a hat in that car there was so much headroom.

My 1970 Toyota Crown station wagon was a great family car.

Our 1977 Jeep Cherokee had a low gear that could pull stumps.

A little later was my 1981 Fiat Spyder. Once one got over the idiosyncracies of an Italian car...

Then there was the 1991 Plymouth Laser. If only the dealer hadn't ruined it...

My 2001 Volkswagen Golf was a well designed car ruined by being built in Brazil.
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Name: Adrian
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My first certainly was not my favourite a 1967 Rover TC2000 was always repairing twice it stuck in gear first time was in reverse and my girlfriend (now wife of 40 years) and I backed to her home and got strange looks from her dad!

My second was the best one I consider I stole from my cousin with only 22000 miles for 2g in 1973, a 1969 Cutlass S 350, great car kept for 14 years it brought all three kids home from the hospital, few repairs and sold it for $500!

Thanks Wayne for starting this, interesting reading.

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Originally Posted by Roger C H View Post
Our 1977 Jeep Cherokee had a low gear that could pull stumps.
Not sure what year my Jeep Cherokee Chief was. I do recall it was huge and got about six miles per gallon.
And, I did pull a stump with it. Tied a nylon anchor line around the hitch ball and then around the stump. For those who don't boat, nylon is used because it is elastic.
The stump finally came free and I watched it in the rear-view mirror as it fired through the air and hit the back window.
Luckily, it didn't break the window, but I had to cut the rope off the hitch and the stump, it was knotted so tight.
What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?
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Name: Bobby
Trailer: Casita f/d ,1987 boler voyageur,1988bigfoot5er
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I had lots of favs , but the one I want back now was my 68 t-bird. Room enough to get a good sleep across the backseat. Too bad the trunk rusted out and left ever thing in it deposited along the highway somewhere.
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Name: Lee
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Favorite vehicle

I always liked vans the best and my first one which was a 1962 VW van that I bought used in 1973 was my favorite.
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Name: Dave
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Favourite vehicle?- I'd go back to my 1932 Model 'B' Ford coupe; last of the 4-bangers. It sure caught the public eye when I used it in the mid-50's. But, the 'missus' and I had more camping fun with the 1961 Ford Econoline window van; ... and, she still agrees with me on that choice. And then there was that neat AMC Spirit coupe .... hmmmm !!!
Thanks, MC1, for this memory jab.
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Name: David
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All these mini's bring back memories, had 2 Austin Americas and a mini as well as a 1966 Ford Cortina MK1 . Me and Lucas smoke go back a long ways. The best car I have owner is a lowly 1996 Hyundai Elantra wagon. The thing just would not die, sold it at 290k, have bought 2 more elantra's since.
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Name: Evelyn
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Oregon Coast
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Favorite cars

What a trip down Memory Lane! Don't we love our rides?

Donna, I also owned a 1967 Mustang Fastback, 289. It was an automatic, since I was only 18 & hadn't learned to drive a stick-shift yet. It was my baby, & I'm certain the only reason my (now ex-) husband married me was because of that car. (I worried about whether I'd be able to keep up with the payments -- $53 a month; sale price was $2,800 brand new. I had a big party when it was paid off.)

Gotta' say, though, that of all the vehicles I've owned, my present one is the absolute best. My 1995 Jeep is the most reliable rig I've ever had. It just turned over 240,000 miles & still has the original tranny & engine, & I've not touched either one. The only "recurring" mechanical fix has been 2 starters -- 1 every 100,000 miles. The 4x4 comes in handy, too, since I like to explore old logging roads around where I live (haven't gotten stuck yet!).

My Dad taught us kids to take care of our stuff. It's paid off with this vehicle; I've babied it since brand new & it's been uber-reliable. I've told my son I want to be buried in it.
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Name: Felix47
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First Car?

1951 MGTD.......250 and I think it said it was made in Abington England....took another 250 to do an engine transplant from a TF. Everything was Whitworth sized.......had the thing in pieces on the garage floor for a long time until my mother had enough and I did the transplant....Long gone.....I guess they are museum pieces of early 20th century technology......I don't think it had synchro in 2, 3 or I recall.......I am not sure if it had synchro in 1st, come to think of it.
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Name: Evelyn
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Oregon Coast
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Originally Posted by Captleemo View Post
I always liked vans the best and my first one which was a 1962 VW van that I bought used in 1973 was my favorite.
Sweet! Those old VW vans are worth more nowadays than my first new home.

I owned a 1981 Westfalia that I had a love/hate relationship with. Loved the freedom to jump in & take off for who-knows-where on a moment's notice. But, the previous owner hadn't taken care of it. When it got to the point where I made it back home on the back of a tow truck more often than not, I sold it. The fella' who bought it from me had the $$ to completely restore it, & it lives in Southern California now. I still miss it.
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Originally Posted by Dudley View Post
...Me and Lucas smoke go back a long ways...
Ooh. Lucas jokes. The Lotus needed a balance resistor to run and they'd fail regularly. I could swap it out in about a minute on the side of the road. I never went anywhere without two spares. What fun is a trip if you're guaranteed to get there? My BSA has a positive ground. Those wacky Brits!

The three position light switch: Dim, Flicker and off. If Britian "rules the waves", why can't they make a car that'll cross a puddle? Etc.
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Name: Tom
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The Lucas motto: "Get Home Before Dark." and many more found here.

lucas electric jokes


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