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Pat, do what makes your heart dance ! There are things you can do to make sure your travels are safe.... I solo, now do to Dh illness, I have rv'ed the majority of my life, so it's not new to me. But traveling alone is. There are pre-cautions to be taken, but that shouldn't stop you from making your dreams come true!

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Name: Tonia
Trailer: Scamp 13' (1982)
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Do it!

At 39 (and single)I have a few years to go before i can answer your question, BUT I got my Scamp just so I could camp on my own.

I'm a weekender only for now, and just bought this May. The handful of times I've gotten out in the woods since (I like more rustic campgrounds) there are always friendly "neighbors" ---some ready to help guide you backing up ;-)

Have fun!

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Name: Jan
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No you are not too old! I'm 60 and I'm looking and learning and can't wait to find my trailer and hit the road. There is a rally here in East Texas next month and I'm going to look and learn and meet people! It might be a good starting place for you. As you can tell from the responses you are getting this is a great community of people who love the lifestyle and like to share it. Everyone has been so helpful and encouraging to me. Best of luck to you as you head on the next phase of your journey!
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I say go for's just 2 months 'til I'm 69 and been towing my little Scamp around for the last 12 years. I don't full time but I have taken a number of long trips that have been 3 months long and better. From California to Alaska and back, to the Great Lakes and back and many more trips.

With each year passing the years have been coming off. I'm figuring that I'm probably around 50 years of age maybe even younger. You know 70 is the new 50, lol!! Now I have to stipulate that I have absolutely no health problems and none run in my family. We have long life lines so I figure that I have easily another 20 years of towing my trailer, that would put me near 90 and Hey, like someone else said "They will likely have to pry the keys out of my hands"
Joy A. & Lily
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Name: Cat
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"Too old" is no notion you should take if you're still kickin and feeling wild.

In the group I travel with, many people are in their 60's, 70's, 80's, and we all admire Helen who's pushing the 90's and still traveling, running her business, and scolding the breakfast crew for how they make her morning coffee. (Black, extra hot, full to the top)

As others has said, "the crazies" are minimal and hardly problematic. There are far more friendly helpful strangers on the road than nasty ones. I've honestly never met a trucker, a tattooed biker, or young punk that wouldn't pull over to help an elder out.
The experiences you have will far outweigh any discomfort you may find. And honestly, what's the worst that can happen? You won't finish college? Even while weighing the pros and cons, consider that if you don't like it, you can always go back.

The kids may not have realized the beauty of life and experience, but you have, and seize it now so you don't regret it later.
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Name: PAT
Posts: 14
Talking What great suggestions and encouragement!

Thank you everyone who responded to my posting. All of the responses were wonderful and so much appreciated. That was just the encouragement I needed to earnestly start looking for my trailer this winter.

Also, just the nudge I need to reduce my flock (parrots) down to one. I have three now and they require a lot of work and they always have been my excuse to not go anywhere because I would have to get back to my feathered friends.

I will be reading the Forum and learning from it--what a great educational tool this is for all of us "newbies."

Thanks again.
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Name: Sue and Greg
Trailer: 1982 Burro 13 foot and a 2015 Casita Spitit Deluxe 17 ft.
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I bought my first travel trailer last spring at age 65. My burro and I travelled this summer and it was wonderful. It's a little 13 foot 1982 sweetie and I really enjoyed the adventure. I'm going to my first rally at casitas lake in October to see what other fiberglassers are doing with their shells! So glad I did this!
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Name: Cindy
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One couple on this forum travels in a camper with 2 parrots.

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Name: Mary
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Yep, Cindy.

Check out these pics:

Blue and Gold "aliens" from the planet Zeon.
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Name: Michael
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Don't let those kids tell you what is best for you, at least not for another decade or two! Or the next thing you know, they'll have you in assisted living or something! They love you, but they want you to have quantity--lots of years--but you have learned the value of quality. So go for quality of life, and live fully. Follow your dreams and fear not.
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Name: Mireille
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Originally Posted by Thomas G. View Post
Nonsense, if you are healthy, you can do this. You might find it helpful to rent a small motor home, like a Class B, to try camping for a few weeks and see if you really like it. It would also give you a chance to get into campgrounds and see other people's rigs and talk to them about issues and advantages.

A class B is like a big van. Roadtrek Rentals | Class B Rental | Van Camper Rentals | Roadtrek RV Rental
Good call !
That's what I would tell my mom !
Au plaisir !
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Name: Dorothy
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I'm only 60 and new to the Scamp world, but love it. The only caveat I would add to all the positives is the challenge of lining up the trailer and the tow vehicle. You will want one of the super duper assists to get that ball and receiver together. WE don't have one, but are looking to pick something up to ease the nuisance of the hitching. Other than that, HAPPY TRAILS!!
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Name: Pam
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Pat, I camp with a couple of 'young' (at heart!!) ladies. One is in her mid 60's and just started towing and camping 2 years ago. The other one is 70 and camped with her hubby. When she lost him several years ago, she made the choice to keep camping. She's towed her trailer from upper Michigan all the way dow to St Louis, Mo. If you want to try it, you go for it!! (BTW, I'm 56 myself, just a yungin, but plan to still be camping when I'm 70). Check out the Tin Can Tourists, another group of camping lovers, and most are vintage trailer owners.
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Name: Rosemary & Glenn
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Reading all these posts is bringing tears to my eyes. 11 years ago when I crashed and burned in my nursing job, I thought my life was over. I was 48. One year later, when I could breathe again, with no job, no pension, single with a teenage son, I took a deep breath & did what I'd secretly longed my entire life to do - go to university and get a degree in music. It seemed totally irrational to those around me at the time, but my experience truly was that "The Universe" DOES provide if you follow your heart.

Today I am blissfully married to my high school sweetheart who appeared out of nowhere 30 years after I last saw him; about to head out with our puppy and a lap harp in our first RV. Life can change so quickly - but in such awesome ways if you are true to your inner calling. Good luck and keep us posted

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