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Name: Steve
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NW Wisconsin
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We live in a rural area and a cold climate . 90% of the people in my area use propane to heat their homes , dry clothes , cook and heat domestic water . We heat with wood which is far more dangerous than propane. Homes in our area are not burning down or exploding on a regular basis , in fact it's a rare occurrence.
I have never understood the paranoia in the FG trailer community over having propane in a trailer.
The loss of electric power in our area is a real problem.
We lose power a couple times a month and for periods of up to a week. If we had to totally depend on electricity , we would be living in a cold / frozen dark home much of the winter.
People drive their cars on crowded freeways with 20 gallons of gasoline in their tank and think nothing if it but panic over a 20 lb propane tank on the front of their trailer.
This unsubstantiated fear of propane make absolutely no sense to me.
I have a healthy respect for safety but there is a inherent risk with any source of energy

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Name: Robert
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Originally Posted by Darral T. View Post
The irony of it all. If they're all that strict, then THAT is why you've never heard of RV propane tanks causing a fire on a ferry. Think about it.....
Normally, a regulation comes about because an accident or incident occurred that it's trying to address.

An example: many years ago I was an Air Traffic Controller. The controller's main regulation was a huge manual called the 7110.65. It contained pretty much every rule and piece of phraseology required. But where did all this content come from? Much of it was added because of an aviation incident or accident, and the rule was inserted to prevent it in the future. The 7110 grew constantly throughout my career, as new incidents or accidents required additions to the rules.

Some regulations come about because there's an assumption of hazard, so they are considered "good ideas". The problem with these is that they are often found later to be no concern at all. One example is "no cell phone use while refueling" - addressing a "hazard" that is a complete myth, and has been thoroughly debunked.

Of course there is no record of a ferry fire being caused by propane when it's shut off, but I wasn't addressing it post regulation. Think about it....

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy an RV. And that is pretty close."
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Name: RogerDat
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Let us not forget our 12 volt battery, lot of potential energy there. Have seen dents in a car hood plus some nasty gashes in arm after jumper cable spark explosion. Rare as frog hairs but they do happen. Think this was a result of charging (which generated hydrogen gas) and then adding jumper cables. Spark set off gas which blew top of battery apart.

Many of us have 1000 or 1500 watt inverters or converters, I have seen a large cable glowing cherry red from a shorted line. If that wire had been in contact with something flammable? And 110 volt shore power has some dangers too if safety and maintenance is ignored.

I guess I figure whatever "dangers" modern energy sources offer they are considerably less than say kerosene lanterns, candles and wood stoves of the past. Not to mention modern toilet paper doesn't have splinters and is less prone to attract vermin than corn cobs so right there we have increased our safety buy like 100% since the 1800's :-)

You know I have slept in my car with a candle in a coffee can to keep the chill off so a camper with room to stand and a real bed is pretty nice. Add in electric lights or gas cooking/heat and I'm positively spoiled. Not that I smell spoiled that is just wood smoke from campfire.

Toss in Fresh food in a fridge or ice chest instead of nothing but freeze dried or dried stuff and I figure I'm getting to eat like a king. Yep if camper blows up or electrocutes me or goes up in a blaze of glory (electrical or propane fire) I guess I'll just have to figure I played the odds and lost. I just hope I go with hotdogs left in the fridge instead of those rib eye steaks. Hate to have missed those to have hot dogs.

Yes my tongue is tired from being so firmly in my cheek.
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Name: Bobbie
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There was a recent arson fire very close to my house, started by a guy with gasoline, but I heard the explosion when the propane tank went up (we don't have natural gas here so people use propane and have big tanks of it near or even right next to the house). Scary! But note he didn't start the fire with propane. Gasoline is probably much more dangerous. Kind of a pain to shut off propane on an open ferry (I get it in the enclosed ones) if I'm running the fridge on it but I understand why they worry.

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