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Name: Donna D
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Oh man gailanne, BUMMER. Please keep this in mind.... things happen for a reason, seriously.

This, for whatever reason, was NOT meant to be your trailer. Whether something comes around shortly, none of us has a crystal ball. But now you're set when it does.

I've found when conditions weren't turning out the way I wanted/expected and I FORCED the issue... I've always gotten burned. I'm slowly starting to pay attention. Disappointment... for certain. But better to be disappointed than suffer consequences that were unforseen initially.

Best of luck, we're all pulling for you and a future egg.

Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
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Name: Bob
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Did you check out here:
Molded Fiberglass Trailers | Fiberglass RV's For Sale
There is a pulldown for Canadian trailers for sale.
OOOOps... U.S. ones as well


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Name: Donna D
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA, 2014
Posts: 24,631
Bob, gailanne is in California
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Name: Francesca Knowles
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Yeah, Bob- what's up??? Are you just tryin' to torture Gailanne???

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Name: William E.
Trailer: "Investigating for Retirement"
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well the changes you made to your tow vehicle will be done for the next unit you find. if he is trying to bait and switch you, that is your call, I would be very concerned as to his intent and would probably move on... other units will come around or figure a way where it a win win situation for both of you it is your call. but do not let them try and bull dog over you, be careful on your decision and do not let the decision be made in the heat of the moment - I would rather pay a bit more money for a better unit that is more reliable. bit concerned - his repairs, repacking bearings is a small cost option unless totally destroyed. wiring problems can be expensive. what do you really know as to what it really needs that he would not be willing to drive it for delivery - that red flag would scare me lots - think about it - maybe save up some more money and get something better - good luck - take your time you will be happier in the long run - at least I hope so
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Name: Roy
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Originally Posted by Francesca Knowles View Post
Have I missed any other possibilities???
Zip Ties work too.


I've had a seller change thier mind and send my deposit back. I was PO'd initially but am now happy with the way things worked out. I ended up with a trailer that has features better suited to our current needs.

As others have said $170 for an inspection is worth more than packing bearings and a temporary light fix. A fiberstream is a tandem axle so there are 2 more sets of bearings. There might be something the seller is not telling you.

Some options you might want to consider is piggyback the fiberstream on a flatbed trailer or try uship. But we don't know where the trailer is and where it has to go.

The simple thing is to ask the seller what the problem really is, have potential solutions ready and be ready to move on to another trailer. They come up more frequently than you think.
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Name: Tim
Trailer: Homebuilt Teardrop
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Originally Posted by Francesca Knowles View Post
You put them on the steel bumper.

Thanks. I learn something new every day. Have a great day!
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Name: Michael
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He may have a POS trailer that is in rough shape (problems you don't know about), and as you communicated he got to liking you and couldn't bring himself to stick you with the junker.

Suing for damages based on detrimental reliance might have some merit, but the problem is that you would have needed to invest in your tow vehicle in order to buy any trailer. Probably not worth the trouble.

It hurts to lose out on something you wanted, but chin up, you'll find something else. It's just a thing. Another trailer will show up!
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Name: Linda and Dale and Dallas the cat
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We had scedualed a cruise for months in advance but saw our Fiberstream for sale six days before we left. We made a fast trip north to secure the sale in time and get back in time to pack. We just got home from our cruise and now we get to focus on our trailer. Follow the advance of the other posters and be ready to jump when it comes up. They go really fast. Now that your tow rig is ready, you can be ready too. There were two other buyers waiting in the wings for our trailer if we hadn't gotten it so we felt very lucky even if the timing wasn't perfect we think the deal was.
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Name: RogerDat
Trailer: 77 Scamp 13
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Let me see if I understand the basic facts:
Selller was going to drive part way to meet you.
Selller had inspection and then backed out of the deal.

No idea of "personal" motivations but sounds like seller found out cost of getting it road worthy to drive part way was going to cut way into sale price.

Repack of good bearings is not expensive, but replacement of 4 might be a few bucks, What about tire age? Might have been told all four tires were not road worthy due to age or dry rot. Bearings and Tires would be a fairly significant chunk of money out of the already agreed on price.

Dual axel trailer without brakes is a little iffy too, so if inspection turned up totally rusted brakes that would be even more loss from the sale price.

AND most important seller has to shell this money out of pocket BEFORE getting paid the sale price. Might not have the funds available.

If I wanted to continue to pursue the deal I would find out the cost of tires, bearings, and brakes. And cost of magnetic tail light rig. Contact the seller and ask point blank if the problem is cost of getting trailer road worthy to meet you. If it is find out what seller believes needs to be done.

Now comes the dicker and deal part. Will seller reduce price to accomadate those required repairs if you drive there to take delivery? You are going to pay for the repairs and do all the driving so price should be reduced. Since you will have already explored the cost of most likely problems (bearings,tires,brakes and lights) you will have an idea of a fair price reduction.

If seller is not willing, then they probably have a better offer. Or is trying to jerk you around on the price. Time to let it go, they keep the trailer and the bad karma.

If price reduction is agreed to then insist on one escape clause, that seller email the list of items that seller states require repair and that inspection by repair facility confirms that list as being the only repairs required to be road worthy. And subject to inspection by purchaser that trailer is in condition acceptable to purchaser.

If seller agrees in written email then send $20 to seal the deal. If not would you buy a used car that dealer would not allow you to inspect and have car looked over by a mechanic? If seller is willing to agree to reduced price but not inspection it's clearly time to write it off.

You and seller go to shop where repairs are going to be made, they look it over if it's good then seller gets money you get title and you pay to get it repaired.

Worst case your out a trip, $20 and maybe the cost of the inspection. But bearings, tires, suspension and brake inspection should not be even an hours labor.
At one of several points along the way you find out this seller is not really on the up and up so just walk away. Knowing you are probably dodging an unpleasant experience.

Trust your instincts more than your emotions when dealing with money and stangers. Instincts that something is "not quite right" are always based on something, even if you have no idea what it is.
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Name: gailanneM
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Wow. Good advice. Thank you for taking the time & effort to put it all down like that. I will read & re-read it several times! Thanks again!
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Name: William
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nail em
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Name: george
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Originally Posted by gailanneM View Post
Wow. Good advice. Thank you for taking the time & effort to put it all down like that. I will read & re-read it several times! Thanks again!
As you are doing your homework on buying a trailer, if you do actually decide to buy one that is not roadworthy, check among your friends to see if some one has a flatbed trailer and truck, that you could take to retrieve a fixer upper. You might just know someone that has the equipment, time and skills to do this, and sometimes folks will do it for a friend for as cheaply as you covering their costs.
There is more than one way to get something small like a FG trailer home !
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Name: Randy
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Originally Posted by gailanneM View Post
The seller of the 1978 Fiber Stream now wants to back out of the sale. This after we had a verbal agreement over the phone & email, and I have spent money on modifications to my tow vehicle, not to mention all the time & energy spent on research for this particular trailer & trailers of this specific type. He delayed our meet one week already because he was having a systems check done.

I am just sick to my stomach.

All this at 11pm the day before I was to go up to redding to take delivery!

He states that the expense of the bearings being repacked & the wiring not being in working order makes him now want to sell it to someone locally, "as is". Previously, he offered to pull it to redding to meet me & do the deal there.

I have very limited budget for up front price & wanted to get a fixer in my (low!) price range that I could work on as I had the funds & could put lots of time into, as opposed to money.

I had set aside money to have an rv friend do the rewiring as soon as I got it down as far as Sacramento area. I also figured the tires would need to be replaced fairly soon. None of the other items on the systems check he had done (for$170) were big surprises; ie. the frame IS in good shape, the oven doesn't work, the kitchen faucet has a small leak.

It does not seem very likely that another FGRV w a shower/bathroom will come along in my price range & local area very soon.....

The seller says he is open to solutions & apologized ......

What alternatives do you think would be fair/equitable/acceptable?

Still stunned & reeling from the shock....

You didn't beg him for a..FREE ONE, did you? So, just forget ab the...sucker and move on. Your case is still not as bad as mine, happened years ago. The man at 25miles away agreed to sell me his utility trailer. Before leaving home I made phone call to him and he was OK to meet at his home. By the time I came to his home, he didn't answer the door, not answer his phone either. I waited in front of his home until his son coming home from work and found out the..story. The son came out tell me his Dad changed his mind. Well, I said at least make a phone call to let me know, do not just make me driving 25miles to his home and everything was quiet and I told him I didn't beg from him a FREE STUFF, do not treat people like that. I went home and the...NEXT DAY, started making my OWN trailer. Where I used to live before, the Honda and Toyota dealership located within sights each other. I got a Honda Civic(ordered from them) at Honda dealer. After 6 years of driving, one time brought in for service, they overcharged me and didn't do the good work. That same day before leaving Honda dealership, I told the manager there that within next week I will order a BrandNew Toyota just few steps away and I did that. I even visit Honda dealership with my brand new Toyota, -order, not in the show room-and with big smile in my face!

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