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Name: gailanneM
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Help....seller wants to back out after all this...!!

The seller of the 1978 Fiber Stream now wants to back out of the sale. This after we had a verbal agreement over the phone & email, and I have spent money on modifications to my tow vehicle, not to mention all the time & energy spent on research for this particular trailer & trailers of this specific type. He delayed our meet one week already because he was having a systems check done.

I am just sick to my stomach.

All this at 11pm the day before I was to go up to redding to take delivery!

He states that the expense of the bearings being repacked & the wiring not being in working order makes him now want to sell it to someone locally, "as is". Previously, he offered to pull it to redding to meet me & do the deal there.

I have very limited budget for up front price & wanted to get a fixer in my (low!) price range that I could work on as I had the funds & could put lots of time into, as opposed to money.

I had set aside money to have an rv friend do the rewiring as soon as I got it down as far as Sacramento area. I also figured the tires would need to be replaced fairly soon. None of the other items on the systems check he had done (for$170) were big surprises; ie. the frame IS in good shape, the oven doesn't work, the kitchen faucet has a small leak.

It does not seem very likely that another FGRV w a shower/bathroom will come along in my price range & local area very soon.....

The seller says he is open to solutions & apologized ......

What alternatives do you think would be fair/equitable/acceptable?

Still stunned & reeling from the shock....


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Name: Carol
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It is difficult without a signed agreement, but if you have emails showing your planned pick-up date and proof that he knew you were making adjustments to your tow vehicle, in accordance with your verbal and email agreement, you may be able to take him to small claims court for the costs..probably in his jurisdiction. I doubt you can force him to sell the unit to you. In all likelihood he has another buyer.

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Name: Mike
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If you haven't given him a deposit consider it not sold. Someone came along with more money and he doesn't have to do anything.
Ask him what it will take to now get it? And go get it, if you want it.
My guess is its already gone.
Doesn't make it right but, some people are not of there word.
If its gone, let it go and move on!
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Name: Paul
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Even if he doesn't have a new buyer, likely the only way to convince this owner is to be willing to drive all the way, or more money, or both
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Name: Karen
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When this happened to me years ago, it was that someone showed up after the gentleman and I shook on the deal and offered more money in cash. I had offered to go get the cash on the spot (I did not show up to a craigslist ad with lots of cash on me) and the man assured me there was no need and we arranged the pickup time. When his wife found out what he had done, she laid into him but the trailer was already gone to buyer #2.

It could also be that in his inspection he discovered something that made HIM unwilling to drive it any distance to meet you so he'd rather sell it to someone who can limp to their nearby home with it.
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Name: Kevin K
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If it's not in writing, not much you can do.
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Name: Richard
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I know how disappointed you must be , but I just don't do business with anyone who can't keep to their word. This sort of action raises doubts in my mind as to every single thing the seller says, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth that'd never go away. For me, the only course forward would be a straightforward " Do you intend to honour the deal we made? No? Goodbye."
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Name: Kinga DeRode
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It is over. Trust is broken, any further miscommunication will be judged as deceit.

Sorry, but I'd just move on.
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Name: deryk
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I think any of us who have bought a trailer used have been in that awkward spot praying its there when you get there. Right before I drove down for my ParkLiner there was a scamp 13 in the carolinas, and a nicely setup scamp 16 in florida with solar and everything...talked to the guy and he told me first one here that puts cash in my hand wins... I can respect that because your selling it and want it gone with as little problems as possible.

People say it here all the time and I mentioned it to my boss "If I see something that looks good Im not coming to work tomorrow" drive out, put a decent deposit down on it with a signed contract. Then if he tries to sell it out from under you to someone who offers them more money you can take them to court and will probably win.

Sorry for your loss, and wish you the best of luck with the next one. Maybe that one wasn't the one you were destined to have? I was baffled that no one bought my ParkLiner before me... its cause it was waiting for me...and you will find yours too!

All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost.... J.R.R. Tolkien
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Name: Carl
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If we can let go and move own, I've found that a better deal comes along.
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Name: Terry
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gailanne, I agree with the others who say that once a seller breaks your trust, it's time to move on. If he's getting squirrely on stuff at this late stage, then there's no telling what other problems he will dump on you once you're up there with the cash in hand. Run, don't walk away from this guy.

But I'm curious what modifications you made to your TV. Setting up your vehicle for towing a trailer is pretty much generic and should work for most any other trailer that that comes along.
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Name: Carol
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Gailanne is this the Fiberstream that has appeared a few times on and off on the market in the last year or so? If so the fact it hadnt sold previously would be a big warning sign to me at least. Fiberglass trailers as you have probably figured out with no really big issues will normally go fast. Needing tires, wheel bearings and some wiring to tow are pretty common when buying older trailers and not the type of problems that many would walk away from if the trailer itself is in good shape.... so the question would be what the heck else is going on here? Did you pay for the $170 inspection or did he? Have you actually had someone you know take a look at the trailer?

As others have suggested a better deal will come along and now that you have your tow vehicle all ready to roll you will be in a better position to act fast on it.
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Name: Francesca Knowles
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I'm interested in who paid for the inspection, too. If you did, the seller has a problem...

That having been said:

Assuming the seller's not jerking you around, the most likely reason he's backing out is that the trailer's not roadworthy enough to make the trip to Redding as-is.

The lights evidently don't work, which is readily overcome by use of magnetic lights. (Your vehicle is heavy enough to (temporarily) tow this trailer safely without brakes hooked up so long as you take it easy). It seems likely to me that tires are a bigger problem. Unless you're willing to make the drive all the way to Medford prepared to immediately address any "non-roadworthiness" problems, my recommendation is to walk away.

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Name: Tim
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Originally Posted by Francesca Knowles View Post
The lights evidently don't work, which is readily overcome by use of magnetic lights.

I'm curious. How do you put magnetic lights on a fiberglass trailer?

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