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Hi, I'm New...and...Am I Crazy....?

I've been visiting is great community and decided to come out of the woodwork today. I'm hoping to gather some information and perhaps, if I may, ask a few questions to help me make some decisions.

First...am I just plumb crazy to even entertain the idea of going FT in a fiberglass RV at the, umm, "mature" age of almost retirement?

Second...is there anything you know now that you wished you had known before you started doing camping in a FGRV?

Third...how steep is the learning curve to be able to maintain a 12-14' rig?

Fourth...how much upper-body strength does someone need to hook up/unhook a unit by themselves?

A bit of my thinking/planning to date:

I have watched friends and family members grow old having regrets of not doing something they loved. I don't want to do that. I want to be able to pick up and go as I want, take in some natural beauty and meet some great people along the way.

It would be just me and the cat, with my sister as a part-time sidekick. I have my condo on the market. If it doesn't sell (what? in this market?), I will rent it. I plan on divesting myself of stuff, putting only a few things in storage, buying a RV, plus something to tow it with.

I have been looking at RVs and very much like what I'm seeing on the Lil Snoozy. It looks about right for me. I read that a few of the group members have purchased one and I'll be interested to see what their overall impression is, having an opportunity to test it over the next months. I will also continue to research other units as well.

If anyone has advice for me, I certainly would be grateful for your help. THANK YOU. Great to be here!

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I'll just answer the first question and leave the others to the more experienced folks.

Are you crazy? Yes! But there's nothing wrong with crazy.

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Jen, there is nothing difficult about it. A screw jack makes it easy to hook up a trailer. There are little poles you can use to line it up when you want to hook up. All the work on these campers is relatively easy, and cheap if you chose to hire it out. I think you will find satisfaction with getting out in the world. Good luck.
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"Second...is there anything you know now that you wished you had known before you started doing camping in a FGRV?"

Why did I not do this sooner.....
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Crazy ?

No - Lor - you're not crazy to get into this wonderful travel/vacation mode.

We purchased our first fiberglass trailer just 2 weeks after my 77th birthday in 2009. In 2010 we took our Trillium to Alaska and had a super vacation trip. This year we went to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and spent some time in the Adirondacks.

In concert with another trip to northern Alberta and British Columbia in 2012 we plan to celebrate my 80th birthday somewhere along the road

All in the way of saying 'you are certainly not too old for this stuff '.

Being a little crazy does help however !

Bill Reilly
Picton, Ontario
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No, your not crazy to want to try something new and different. One word of caution....If you want to divest of many things, and live life simply....DON'T GO TO CAMPING WORLD!!!!! haha

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