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Name: bill
Trailer: 2013 Escape 19
North Carolina
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Originally Posted by Mike Magee View Post
Although most vehicles' hitch weight rating is 10% of the tow rating (like 3500/350), this is not always true. Hitch weight rating is based on things like rear suspension, hitch receiver stoutness, and receiver attachment. If the vehicle in question has a higher tow rating when equipped differently (V6 for example), you can bet that the hitch weight rating remains higher even for the 4-cylinder. In other words, the rating might be 1500 lbs tow and 350 lbs hitch weight.

Published tongue weight for that year CRV was 150 pounds. But by all means, verify in your owners manual.

With a tongue weight limit of 150 pounds and a tow rating of 1500 pounds, the choice is either get a trailer that fits within the manufacturers limits or don't. I've seen some crazy towing situations like the Honda Fit pulling a Boler trailer (Honda Fit has zero tow rating).

People are welcome to choose either path. But what someone else is willing to do should not dictate what you do. And people selling trailers are NOT a good source of towing recommendations. Each have their own biases (yes I do too) and then you have the desire on their part to complete the deal. The last time we took the seller's tow recommendation (RV dealer by the way), we were grossly under rated for the job, and after a couple of scary towing moments, we upgraded tow vehicle.

You also do not know what conditions others are towing under. Speed, grades, terrain, etc. People can tow in flatland areas for years without an issue, then come to the mountains and have a WTF moment.

Small SUVs were not meant to be towing machines. They were built for economy, room, and to meet a price point.

And be sure to check the sticker on your door that will show maximum payload. The payload limit on the CRV is relatively low, and depending on how many passengers you carry, and the gear you plan to put in the car, you could run up against that limit. Realize to keep the trailer weight as low as possible, stuff that most would load into the trailer is going to be loaded into your car.

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Name: Ray
Trailer: 2017 Scamp 16 Deluxe
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Looking for something I can pull with my CR-V

Having told you that we did it, I would agree with others that any 1500 rated tow vehicle might be less than ideal in the long term.

For us, the beauty of being able to tow a Scamp13 with our CRV was that, with minimum financial risk, we were once again able to experience camping and determine that we still enjoyed it .... even more than we did with our previous Starcraft pop-up trailer.

Using the CRV and Scamp13 also allowed us to determine what trailer features were most suited to our camping/traveling style and what we might want in a future trailer and tow vehicle.

I would also concur with the previous recommendation of a transmission oil cooler and trailer brakes.

If you get a new Scamp13, knowing that you might have a more powerful tow vehicle in the future, I would suggest that you might want to prep/reinforce the roof for a possible future AC unit. If the basic structure of the trailer allows, many kinds options (AC, awning, furnace, etc) can be fairly easily be added later ..... or you may find that you really didn't need those things after all.

It seems like everything changes over time. I doubt that the CRV will be the last car you will ever buy and it may be doubtful that a Scamp13 will be the last trailer that you ever buy. With the high resale values of both the CRV and FGRV trailers, the financial risk for a sub-optimal decision shouldn't be a huge concern.

As you have already done with this forum, do some research, make the best decision that you can in the near future, and try to enjoy the experience.

Wishing you good luck with your research and decisions and many years of safe and happy travels!


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Name: K C
Trailer: 1971 Trailswest Campster
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Originally Posted by ChrisDunbar View Post

Towing that much weight with a front wheel drive sucks too. You lose a lot of traction on the wheels that power AND steer. Not ideal.
Can you? Yes.
Should you? Not really.
A lot of the CRVs are all wheel drive. It is a very popular option that dealers order to put on their lots especially in locations where there are a lot of outdoor types such as California and also in areas where there is snow to deal with
This kind of thing gets to be confusing for people responding when they are not overly familiar with the make and model of a car the person who posted the thread owns. Of course the person posting might not know that it is an advantage to have AWD for towing so they may say nothing about having it or not.

I have a Honda Element, the fraternal twin to the CRV, it does not mind towing my 13' travel trailer. If I drive sensibly and don't overload what I put inside my car and trailer it is not going to kill my car. It is AWD
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Name: Chris
Trailer: Trillium 1300
Nova Scotia
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Right. Forgot that the CRV comes in AWD. So does the Escape. That addresses the traction but not the engine and transmission.
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Name: Raz
Trailer: Trillium 2010
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The tow package for the typical 4 cylinder 1500lb rated SUV like the CRV, the Forester, etc. typically includes a 4 pin adapter for trailer lights. Many states require trailer brakes for a trailer over 1000 lbs but I've yet to hear of a dealership that will install the extra wiring. I suspect the manufacturers intent is to accomodate a utility trailer for the occasional dump run or a small boat not a travel trailer. Also be aware that the after market hitches may not be attached the same way the OEM hitch is. This was the case when I set up my Subaru, an experiment that didn't last long.
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Name: claire
Trailer: 2013 casita pd
Posts: 84
my insurance company asked what tow vehicle i was using when i added my casita trailer policy. not sure if every company does that, but i'm pretty sure they aren't about to pay for any damages caused by someone towing unsafely. for me, it's priority number 1 that i'm safe on the roads, for me, my rig and others. i would not want to do something "because i can but really shouldn't". just more food for thought
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Name: Greg
Trailer: 2008 Casita 17 SD
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I think I found you the perfect tow-able trailer. With 4 wheels, the tongue weight shouldn't be a problem...

Sorry, I had to do it. Just my sick sense of humor.
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Name: Linda
Trailer: in the market
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Good to know. Thank you. I will try that since I am busy and can't always get on here to take a look.
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Name: Linda
Trailer: in the market
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This is the one!!! LOL
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Name: Tom
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Denver, CO
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I get the joke. However, for many situations, campers can't beat these foldable little red (blue) wagons for toting groceries, laundry, stuff to the beach, a picnic, or maybe a propane tank or water container. I suppose a grandchild would fit. Some hold 225 lbs, fold to about 2'x2'x8" and weigh 20-25 lbs. Prices and features vary, so shop around. They start around $50.

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Name: Bruce T
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Compacts and the cousins like Donna said.
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Name: lee
Trailer: trailswest campsterl, 1996 Scamp 16 foot
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Well I just had to join in with some info , not from the manual , not from what my cousin overheard at the local Waffle House, but from actual experience. We towed a 13 foot Uhaul, total weight 1480 pounds ( Frederick weighed it at Bandon ) with a 2008 Crv with AWD for many years. We live in Idaho , hence we towed over the Cascades, Rockies and many local high passes. Gas mileage was 14 to 15 ish . I never felt we were terribly underpowered nor did we hold up long lines of traffic on the passes as we were always able to maintain reasonable speed. We towed easily 15,000 miles annually and when we traded the CRV in it was in excellent condition with 95,000 miles . I would not tow a trailer that did not have trailer brakes with the CRV. Lee and Norma
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Name: Bob
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Hello everyone!
Looking forward to watching and learning from this forum! Seeking ideas!
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Name: Bob
Trailer: Currently Shopping
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Originally Posted by Jon in AZ View Post
You should steel yourself for some additional frustration in your search for a 13' trailer. They are in pretty high demand right now, so good ones fairly priced tend to disappear quickly, and some sellers feel justified in slapping a high price on a project trailer with lots of issues.

But don't despair. In spite of pessimistic prognostications from myself and others, one forum newbie recently managed to snag a very nice Scamp at a bargain price in two days from first post.

Just be prepared to kiss a frog or two... and walk away if it doesn't turn into a prince.

The smaller 13' trailers can easily exceed 1500 pounds loaded for travel, so you'll need to look for one without heavy options or modifications. You'll also need to pack lightly, including the vehicle, as tow ratings typically assume only 1 or 2 passengers and minimal cargo. Check the towing section of your owner's manual for all the caveats on that 1500 pound rating. One thing I'm sure you'll find is a requirement for trailer brakes. Not all 13'ers have them.

Best wishes in your "egg hunt"!

You only have a 4 cylinder engine in a CRV and I wouldn't haul over 1000 pounds! I have a newer, old style Equinox, with 4 cylinder also and are looking at a Little Guy 5' wide teardrop. A bit pricey but like the options available and weight is 900 pounds! Hope my local dealer brings some in for 2018! Not much up here local in this category! Most are too heavy! Don't haul over 1000 pounds or you could cook your transmission. Just a suggestion. Bob L

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