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Name: Floyd
Trailer: 2004 13 ft Scamp Custom Deluxe
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Originally Posted by honda03842 View Post
I assume, but don't know, that an Oliver may require a W/D system. Is that correct?
Oliver has an aluminum frame with a steel coupler attached to an extendable steel shaft which interfaces with the frame.
I understand that they claim that their design obviates the need for sway control or weight distribution hitches.
It may be that a standard WDH may not be recommended.
I kinda forget what all was said on the subject,since I won't be buying a large truck or, subsequently, an Oliver.
Anyone else care to chime in?...Please do.

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Name: Sergey
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Originally Posted by honda03842 View Post
I assume, but don't know, that an Oliver may require a W/D system. Is that correct?
Why do you think Oliver requires Washer and Drier?

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Name: Bill
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Originally Posted by sokhapkin View Post
Both Egg Camper and Lil Snoozy are electric only. No propane tanks and propane appliances. That's the reason why these brands are not in my shopping list.
Big misconception for Lil Snoozy. I have a lil Snoozy and I have propane.
For a very nominal fee they will build it propane ready. They do not promote propane because they do not carry (what I understand to be expensive) insurance to install propane.
Lil Snoozy will build your tank brackets and if you send them the templates for your stove or furnace, they will prepare for easy installation. A propane business located a few miles from the Snoozy facility will do the install and again for a very nominal fee. I think I paid 180.00 for installation, piping, fittings and leak down test. I purchased my own fiberglass propane tank, stove, regulator, etc. and had items shipped to the propane business.
I, too, would not consider a trailer without propane.
Hope this clarifies for anyone just wondering how to get past the ALL ELECTRIC problem.
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Name: Dave W
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Originally Posted by Steve Outlaw View Post
No one I know is using either a weight distribution hitch or any kind of anti-sway equipment when towing their Oliver. It's just not needed. Even though this trailer is much heavier than the OP is looking for, it does have 78 inches of interior floor to ceiling height.

The new Oliver web site that will be going live in the next few days will have all the measurements and other stats.
Steve, need for a WDH is likely governed more by the tug capabilities and specs rather than the trailer specs. I think the Oliver's are great looking trailers, but I could definitely see a possibility that some tow vehicles pulling an Oliver could benefit from a WDH.
Dave W - 2013 Escape 19', 2013 Escape 15B and 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser

"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." - Yogi Berra
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I am having trouble with my password and am unable to post so I have to ask my friend Steve to help me with posting, Thanks Steve!

Our position on weight distribution and anti-sway controls are, as mentioned above by others, dependent on many factors: The tow vehicles abilities and how the trailer is loaded to mention just a couple of factors. It is a safety issue that we highly recommend you consider very carefully. If you need it, Get it.

When we engineered the trailer weight distribution was a MAJOR factor to have the tongue weight come in around the 10 to 15 percent ratio of the total weight. Thus the reason why many consider it unnecessary but each configuration is different.

If requested there is no problem to accommodate any device a customer requires for their own safety measures.
Hope this helps.

Robert P. Partee
Oliver Travel Trailers
Steve and Tali - Dogs: Reacher and Lucy and our beloved Storm and Maggie (waiting at the Rainbow Bridge)
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Name: Weldon
Trailer: Eggcamper 2007
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Originally Posted by Missouri Mark View Post
I have been on here about 6 months mostly reading advice. I am 4 years from retirement and just in planning stages of getting a camper for everything from short fishing trips to longer 6 month or longer trips when I retire. I would like to have my trailer in the next 2 years with some time for any modifications before I venture out to see the country and have to live in the trailer for several months at a time. I am sold on fiberglass trailer - #1 reason I want something light so I don't have to get a big heavy duty pickup truck. I'm a big guy - 6'4" and 280lbs. So in my research I have just about ruled out any fiberglass trailers beside the Egg Camper and the Lil Snoozy. Both appear to have enough headroom and bedroom - Egg is 6'7" inside and Lil Snoozy is 6"4". I like the Scamps and Casitas but just not enough headroom. Other brand names like Parkliner and Jayco just seem to be too heavy. I will spend some time in the mountains and having a small pickup or SUV is a must for me - I definitely want to save money by travelling light. I know nothing about RVs and not very mechanical. I have a few necessities I will have to have - good AC/heat, good bed, and Sat TV (travelling alone, sports fan, I will need TV access). Do fiberglass trailers stay warm in sub freezing temps? I won't go too extreme but could see myself in the Rockies in the fall.

I have really narrowed down to Egg Camper. Listed new $18,800 vs. Lil Snoozy for $19,000 but the Egg Camper has more options included in standard package vs. the Lil Snoozy. Lil Snoozy has features like microwave, awning, cable/Sat TV hookups, and more as extra features. The added cost of some of the features that the Egg Camper include as standard really make the Lil Snoozy price go up.

But I will also want some kind of generator to boondock sometimes. I am thinking I will need propane too if electric isn't available.

I would love to buy used, but MAN, I stay active on different sites and there just aren't Egg Campers or Lil Snoozys for sale.

I am very excited every time I think about retiring and hitting the road in my camper. #1 ambition is to travel the Pacific Coast Highway, then spend the winter in warm weather for my first winter.

I would certainly like to hear from owners of Egg Campers and Lil Snoozys or any other fiberglass trailer owners who can give me advice.

Mark, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri
Just a short note on propane use in an Eggcamper. The propane was an option in 2007 when I got mine. I bought the propane tank, the mount for it for the tongue of the trailer, the lines, the two burner cooktop, that mounted just about the refrigerator and installed it. You can have an RV place do it for you. It can easily be added if you do not want all electric. Takes a couple of hours.
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Why not build the trailer from scratch?
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Name: Carl
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Originally Posted by Glenn Baglo View Post
Why not build the trailer from scratch?
LOL.......................that's the only way to get the perfect trailer.
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Name: Floyd
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Originally Posted by carlkeigley View Post
LOL.......................that's the only way to get the perfect trailer.
Right...Scratch, and lots of it!
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Name: Mark
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I've been keeping an eye on craiglist and other RV for sale sites near MO - just nothing ever comes up for small fiberglass models. This site seems to be the best one for something I would be interested in. I have pretty much determined I will have to go with a used model. Just can't see paying $18 K plus for my purposes - heck I've never owned a new car and never will unless I win the lottery. I'm pretty confident I can make the modifications or find someone who can once I find something that fits my height and sleeping requirements. All the rest will be extras the way I look at it.

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As for "keeping an eye open" in the used market. Perhaps your perfect trailer isn't ready to be your yet! Sometimes people spend years look for just the right one. Sometimes people find several within weeks of each other, buying both! Relax, enjoy the journey!

As for the topic of Claustrophobia,
I am sooooooooo claustrophobic, but for some reason the Casita doesn't bother me...... I think it's as others have said, windows as well as keeping the air moving helps me. Want to see me panic, turn the air off in a airplane sitting on the run way! Not pretty, I can assure you!

I think Mike M, commented on the isle width, he's very correct on the larger isle in a Scamp makes it feel bigger than the same size Casita. But I will say, I still love my Casita! So as many have suggested, get out go to a rally. It will help you with finding your perfect trailer.

Here is a pic of the rear ends of a Casita (mine) and a EggCamper (Orlen and Carolyn Wolfs) which will show you the difference in size. I was blown away at the interior roomy-ness of the EggCamper!
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Name: Bob Ruggles
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Egg camper

I have one that was all electric and it didn't work for us in cold weather. I had a propane cook top and furnace installed by my local rv place. Cost the same as the factory when they were still offering it. The 1000 watt electric struggles in cold weather but is a very satisfactory unit in mild weather or to supplement the furnace. Don't know about the Snoozy but the EggCamper is a bit wider than most others. The factory owner is 6'4" tall and can both stand up and lie down with plenty of clearance. Right now I'm wintering in mine in a part of Arizona where it has been getting down into the 20s and 30s at night and am very comfortable.
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Name: Bob Ruggles
Trailer: 2015 Escape
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I'll be going to a rally on Feb 7 & 8. There are supposed to be some Escapes there. If there is the one I'm interested in and I like it, my EggCamper will be for sale when I get back to Michigan. No idea on price yet.
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Name: Michael
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If it came to that, Bob, maybe you would want to put it up for sale before returning to MI. Someone along your route home might want to buy it, and you could deliver it on your journey north. That is, if all the trailer stuff will fit in your tug!

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lil snoozy

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