Conscience vs. Good Business - Fiberglass RV

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Name: Ruth
Trailer: 2008 17 ft Casita Spirit Deluxe/'78 Trillium 1300
Posts: 186
Let's say you're driving down the back roads and see an egg parked at the end of a driveway with a For Sale sign on it. It looks to be all original, old (late 70s) but in good condition. The fellow is asking $950 but seems like he'd negotiate. Do you

1. Talk him down
2. Pay his asking price
3. Tell him he could triple his price on e-Bay

Hubby and I disagreed on this one, and neither of us can believe the other would think that way!

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Trailer: 1986 U-Haul CT13 ft
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Only if the seller was clearly a vulnerable person - elderly, confused or impoverished - would I raise my offer to a fair but modest price. Otherwise, I'd gratefully pay his low asking price. In a world of caveat emptor, caveat vendor applies as well.

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Byron Kinnaman's Avatar
Name: Byron
Trailer: 2006 Scamp 13' towed with a 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7l Magnum W/full tow package (over kill)
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If the seller gets what he's asking and the buyer gets a bargin, are they not both happy?
Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Trailer: Burro 13 ft 1987
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Let's say you're driving down the back roads and see an egg parked at the end of a driveway with a For Sale sign on it...
I really don't see any conflict here, unless the buyer is obviously not of sound mind and body. Of course I'm a fairly big believer in a market economy as well.

If the seller has something that they believe they have set a fair price for, and the buyer is willing to pay that price (high or low), then there was honesty in the transaction. If you feel the price is way too low then it might possibly be a little rude to try and further bargain the price down (i.e. simply offer the seller his asking price on the spot and you'll both likely walk away feeling good about the transaction).

- Michael
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Andy Earthman's Avatar
Trailer: 1984 U-Haul 13 ft
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I think the important thing is the capacity of the seller. The price is not as important. If the seller is of sound mind and selling to get rid of it, you try and buy at lowest price possible. If they are hurting for money,,,depends... I'm hurting for money too. We all are to some degree.

Don't take advantage of someone. But don't be taken advantage of. Karma

As a smart ass car salesman. When asked what the best price was for a certain car? I'd reply with a smile... That's the price your willing to pay, and my boss is willing to accept.

As long as both parties are happy, what else matters?
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Name: Darwin
Trailer: 2002 19 ft Scamp 19 ft 5th Wheel
Posts: 3,048
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As far as paying an advertised price, I see no problem. Some people just want to get rid of something and price it to sell. Tell them they are wrong and you will pay more just does not make good sense to me as I know of no one that will turn down “Free” money.

I sold my last 3 cars by under priceing them and they all went in short order.

Here is something to Ponder:

We have a local preacher that has purchased (2) campers, both from 2 different Widows, at a great price. (He told me that in his own words.)

What do you think he did?

1. Took advantage of a widow during a grieving time.
2. Paid the fair price, which would have been the wholesale price according to NADA.

They were an Argosy, the first one and an Air stream the 2nd.

I do not know the answer to the above, I just speculate.
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Trailer: 2004 Bigfoot 17 ft ('Beastie')
Posts: 564
Ruth C,

2. Pay his asking price.

That way both parties are happy. Neither should worry about the "coulda done better" issue. That can drive you crazy!
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Donna D.'s Avatar
Name: Donna D
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA, 2014
Posts: 24,583
I was raised according to the Golden Rule....I would have to consider all the factors mentioned by the other members. I plan to live a very long time inside my skin and couldn't live with myself if I tried to take advantage of a situation. If the trailer was for sale for more than I could afford and the situation was such the seller needed every dime, it would be easier for me to walk away..or tell them to try eBay, than to always wonder what circumstances I had placed the seller into.
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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there is alot of people that just dont no what these trailers are realy worth if it wasn't for this site i would not have beleaved how much people will pay for a egg..if he is of sound mind go for it but remember one thing always be fair.....
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Roger H's Avatar
Name: Roger
Trailer: Y2K6 Born Free 32RQ on the Kodiak chassis, 1995 Coachmen 19' B-van
Posts: 5,009
The trailer was worth to the seller exactly what the seller was asking. If it was a bargain to you, then you're both happy!

I've bought several trailers that way, and we were all winners!

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Old 01-01-2006, 07:21 PM   #11
Trailer: Bigfoot Rear Queen 25 ft
Posts: 346
Conscience vs. Good Business

Ruth, they always go hand in hand. If I purchase something that is "under valued" I will mention it to the seller. When the seller gives me the green light and acknowledges the deal I will sleep better...always. Sellers will generaly sell regardless to an honest buyer!
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Mike Watters's Avatar
Name: Michael
Trailer: Amerigo & Trailmanor (popupish)
Posts: 459
For me it would depend. If I were in the market for the trailer (being 'in the market' CAN be affected by how good the deal is), I'd pay what the guy was asking and be pleased at getting a good deal.

If I were NOT in the market, I'd pass it by but pass the information on to someone else who might be in need of such a bargain. I wouldn't buy it with the sole intention of selling it again later however.

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Frederick L. Simson's Avatar
Name: Frederick
Trailer: Fiber Stream
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Hubby and I disagreed on this one, and neither of us can believe the other would think that way!
There are 2 of you disagreeing; yet you give [b]us 3 answers to multiply choose...

Here is my $0.02 worth on this issue. Darwin touched on my thought briefly. (My employer has a PhD degree in Finance; and this is one lesson I learned from him.) It is a universal truth that [b]there is a time value to money as well as money's intrinsic value. A lower amount will satisfy a need for instant gratification, more than a higher amount will continue to be satisfactory after a delay. Lottery Payouts are a prime example of this phenomenom.

I would say to pay the seller's asking price, and be happy.
Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Name: Ruth
Trailer: 2008 17 ft Casita Spirit Deluxe/'78 Trillium 1300
Posts: 186
Good, varied responses. Thanks, all!

Frederick, you're right; I did give three options, but #s 1 and 2 kind of went together at the time. I asked Ken that if the guy is asking $950, does that mean he's expecting to come down on his price, meaning we offer less, or would we pay the asking price. Ken practically had an apoplectic fit (whatever that is) because he felt it was our duty to enlighten an obviously misinformed fellow egg lover, fellow human being, fellow American (and the band strikes up a patriotic tune......)

I was just checking with you all to see if I was the only one who didn't see it that way.

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