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Name: Ken
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Originally Posted by MyronL View Post
My one moving violation in many, many years (if ever--I forget) was in Colorado several years ago, when doing 60 mph in a 75mph zone, I-25, I was in the granny lane and failed to move over to the sandwich lane when passing two state trooper cruisers parked on the right shoulder--No flashing lights. I was towing, just didn't have time to react and be certain no one was on my left. Maybe a senior thing? They went after me immediately. When I responded, "I didn't know it was a law..." that got me $160 plus 3 points.

In Florida you might have gotten out of the ticket.
I went by a North Port officer pulled off the side of the road with no flashers or lights on. I noticed he appeared to be looking at his computer as I saw a big white square to his side.
Next thing I know he was behind me with his lights on and ticketed me for failure to change lanes. I took it to court and won. Of course having it on a dashcam helped immensely. The judge looked at it and chewed him out for wasting his and my time.Just in case I have been avoiding North Port.

Edit also it is legal to stay in the lane in Florida you just have to slow to 20 under the speed limit. Sounds like they have North Port type LEO up there too as here is the law there.


State law requires drivers approaching stationary emergency vehicles that are displaying flashing lights, including tow trucks, traveling in the same direction, to vacate the lane closest, if safe and possible to do so, or to reduce to a speed safe for weather, road, and traffic conditions. Also included in the law are utility vehicles and road maintenance vehicles.

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I believe in California, its slow to 45, or change to the left lane. as in most urbanized areas, all lanes are almost always full of traffic, the pull over option isn't very practical... been a few times when I've simply not been able to SEE the emergency vehicle due to something large and massive in front of me blocking all sight lines, so if that massive vehicle hasn't slowed, its too late for me to hit the brakes by the time I see them, especially if I'm being tailgated

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Automatic traffic camera tickets have one purpose and one purpose only. That is to use the criminal justice system to extort money from the public. Public safety and accident reduction have absolutely nothing to do with it. They do not reduce the accident rate. The companies that install these cameras sell them to local "officials" by the promise of the "revenue" they will generate. The camera company gets a percentage of that revenue. The fine for speeding tickets has grown from $30 or $40 twenty years ago to $300 or $400 today. This introduces corruption into the justice system.
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In Texas the law says move left or reduce speed by 10 mph. Unfortunately the law was originally very poorly written. Instead of "by 10 mph" it said (everybody's figure this out by now) "to 10 mph" . Fortunately all but the most greedy LE agencies read it as intent and if you were doing 45 in a 55 they said "okay". The law got fixed. Two years later. But it was done as a "designated emergency", which meant it went into effect 10 days after it was signed, and was passed "immediately", as opposed to having to wait until the 41st day of the lege.

The joke in Texas has always been that the Constitution says 150 days every 2 years but it was supposed to say 2 days every 150 years. "No man's life, liberty or property is safe as long as the Texas legislature is in session".
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Name: aj
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I got a $120 ticket for a flat tire on trailer. I had a left flat so pulled on the left of interstate in middle of desert. Apparently that is illegal, though much safer with no shoulders to pull off to the right on.
Another time I got a warning for "swerving" , err, being with an out of state tag, he was just harassing me for anything to get me in jail. He had passed me and gotten Ĺ mile in front of me and claimed he saw me swerve, but we all know it took him that long to realize that I had an out of state tag and he wanted to collect ticket money for nothing knowing unlikely I would drive 5 states over for a later court date.
I got a dash cam after that, sadly, to protect myself from those who are supposed to protect us.

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