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Originally Posted by P. Raz View Post
I was advised to get a new insurance card. It was free for the asking and simply duplicated everything in French. Raz

Edit: sorry, auto insurance
LOL Really not necessary even when traveling through Quebec.

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A couple of handy items to have if traveling in Quebec are Google Translator (or a small french phrase book) and a GPS. You will not likely need a translator unless as Norm mentioned you head out into the rural areas and even then you will probably find someone who can help you out pretty fast. Translator will come in handy while shopping though in most of the province. The GPS comes in handy for detour signs which are normally all in French. Nice to have the GPS to get you back on track should the detour send you off in a direction or to far from where you want to go without having to look up what a word means while driving. I had a giggle last summer while visiting an Aunt in Montreal. While on a shopping trip we hit a detour sign and I asked her what it said. She responded with I havent a clue but I will watch the GPS and if I think its taking us off course I will let you know. She BTW has lived in Montreal for more than 40 years.

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Things to do.
If you don't know about Terry Fox read up on him and stop by the marker that has been placed in his honor just east of TB.
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Hi Cricket

We lived in Thunder Bay for 17 years so here's some ideas

Stop in Grand Marais MN before you cross the border, a great little town on the lake.

If you want to do Thunder Bay activities (get to Old Fort William for sure) then stay at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park west of the city on the Trans-Canada.

If you like hiking and nature then stay at Sleeping Giant Prov. Park north of the city then out onto a peninsula in Lake Superior - you can climb the Giant, and on the way north of town just outside is Terry Fox which Fred mentioned.

Please let me know if you want any more info..

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I also vote for Sleeping Giant Park. Not cheep, but amazing. When we drove by the giant, when I was a kid, I always thought that the it only looked like a sleeping figure from the perspective of the highway. Nope, it is like a huge scale model of a guy laying down. The various trails are named after anatomical features, like the Chest Trail, the Head Trail, the Top of the Giant Trail. It is all in this pdf file, in way more detail then you could every want:
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What a nice link, really interesting write up, thanx for the info.
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If you're a rock hound, there are a couple of amethyst mines in the area that are worth a visit. If you check out the Terry Fox monument, you'll find quite an eyeful of amethyst.
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The MN state parks are all wonderful up there. We've stayed at crookedlakemn.com in the cabins. They are rustic, but it is so serene there.
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once your here you could just follow highway one and find the terry fox statue @ mile 0 .... in victoria

brush up on your metric too.... especially metric time (lol)
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Living in Minnesota most of my life I've crossed the border many, many times to visit friends or to hunt or fish. Never a problem, ever, except once and that turned out be a bad day.

About 25 years ago a supplier of my company decided to take 15 or 20 of his best clients on a fly-in fishing trip out of Red Lake, Canada. Plan was to meet at his company warehouse at midnight, pack several of his company's Dodge Caravans with all our gear and leave, good plan. We packed all the, stuff, duffels, fishing gear, beer and soda in 4 vans and took off. We thought we'd make Intl Falls by daybreak, drive a little further and have breakfast. Well, we did make I-Falls by sun up, I was in the last vehicle. The guys ahead of us whizzed through customs no problem. When I got there the customs officer asked where we were headed "Red Lake, fishing" I said. Then he asked if we has any liquor or beer, we told him a case of beer each (4) as is allowed by law. Now he's standing there looking through the window of this van at beer and booze stacked to the ceiling, many cases. At that point he asked for the auto registration and proof of insurance. The bulb suddenly went on in my head, I knew we were totally screwed and things were going downhill fast. We had everyone's booze in our van. I think I mumbled I didn't have them. He said "You expect me to believe you're going fishing in a possibly stolen vehicle loaded full with illegal booze, with no luggage or fishing gear? Please step out of the vehicle gentlemen and keep your hands where we can see them" By this time there were 20 cars stacked behind us and the customs folks had us surrounded with guns drawn. They then cuffed us, took our belts and shoes and locked us in a little room. This was not good.
To make a long story short, after a couple hours our cohorts in the other vans finally missed us and came back to the border, along with title, registration, proof of insurance and a plausible explanation. We were then on our way to a great fishing and a good story to tell our kids.
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That's not highway one, we actually do not have a highway one - it's highway 61 from the border for cricket from MN then Hwy 17 to Terry Fox. Oh, just realized you must be talking about another Terry Fox statue - didn't now there was one in Victoria.

A former Tbay'er, Adrian

ya - and watch that metric time - for some reason Thunder Bay is on Eastern time - makes for great long evenings in JuneJuly but a pain on winter mornings!
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Ditto and for sure Old Fort William and Kakabeka Falls. If you take more time and want to go to Sleeping Giant, I think Ouimet Canyon Prov Park is on the way. The Terry fox statue will be a great experience for the kids too.

The kids will really learn from Old Fort William, a living history museum. Much bigger with more interaction than our Grand Portage. There is a new building at Grand Portage with neat stuff inside too. There is a National park fee for Grand Portage stop as well as fee for Old Fort William. If my budget only allowed one stop I would pick Old Fort William this time and Grand Portage on another trip. IMHO.

If you haven't passports Grand Portage, the info center at the border, and Grand Marais will make a lovely trip. We love staying at Grand Marais municipal campground and walking around Artist Point and eating in the village.

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As far as what to see, it really depends on your activity level and your vehicle capability.

I've lived in Thunder Bay for about 12 years now, and spend pretty much every weekend exploring so I know of a few places

I've give you some of the easy/popular spots:

Literally as soon as you cross the border there will be a what looks like an information center and parking lot on your right. This is Pigeon River Provincial Park ( Pigeon River ). At the far side of the parking lot you'll find the trail head that leads to High Falls--a very scenic waterfall. There's two main trails here: one that leads to High Falls, and one that leads to a high lookout over Lake Superior.

On your way to Thunder Bay, there's a few places you'll pass that are worth checking out (Little Trout Bay, Picnic Point etc), but if time is limited you may want to skip them.

As you get into Thunder Bay on the Highway, if you make a left at the Harbor Expressway intersection that will take you into Kakabeca. The largest waterfall in the area is there--Kakabeca Falls. You can also camp here, but have to pay.

If you continue further down the highway and don't go towards Kakabeca, you'll pass Oliver St, then John St, then Red River, and finally you'll come to Balsam. Take a left on Balsam and follow it to the end. This will lead you to the Cascades Conservation Area. When I first came to Thunder Bay, this was my favourite place to go. It's a white water stream cascading over a large outcrop of rock with some calmer spots for swimming (very scenic).

Continue down the highway past Balsam, you'll pass the Terry Fox lookout on your left after about 5 minutes, and then after about 45 minutes you'll come to the turn off for the Sleeping Giant Provincial park. As others have said, there's tons of hiking trails there and it's a great spot to camp.

Past the turn off for the sleeping giant there's a few amethyst mines to visit and maybe 20 minutes past, on your left, there's a turn off for Eagle canyon (Canada's largest suspension bridge http://www.eaglecanyonadventures.ca/?type=link&WT.ctb_click_ad=Eagle%20Canyon%20Advent ures). Worth a look for sure, but can get expensive depending on how many of you there are. Ouimet Canyon is very close to here, free, and worth a look.

Further than that, about 3 hours outside of Thunder Bay are some of my favourite spots to camp and explore, but if you're only here for a couple a days they're probably a little too far for you.
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Hi all,

Let's slow down on our suggestions. Cricket said a DAY or two of sightseeing and we've giving them a week or two. Let's not confuse them. Let's whet their appetite for another trip.

Number one attraction in Thunder Bay is Old Fort William
Fort William Historical Park


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