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Legacy Posts 11-05-2002 10:05 PM

Rear window Replacement
If anybody could help we shure would be happy.We have a 1977 13ft. Boler. Near as we can figure the 1980 Boler came out with a slideing rear window made out of Plexi. Does anyone have any info. on this?,or where we could buy one ?? New or used. Thanks to all for trying and any info.we receive. Karen and Rick

Legacy Posts 11-06-2002 07:45 PM

Try Bolerama
I'd try Bolerama for that sort of question. Not as user-friendly as this site, perhaps, but full of useful information for Bolers and Trilliums. If you need the address...

Legacy Posts 11-06-2002 08:22 PM

The window manf for Scamp and Casita, and prolly many others, is Hehr. Here's one address:

BTW, Scamp will sell you a rear slider (18x42) for $125 (plus crate & ship, I'm sure) if they are the same. That would be in YankeeBucks, not EhBucks, unfortunately. Scamp's number is 1-800-346-4962 (but the last time I tried to call from EhLand, I was told it was a South of the Border Only 1-800. If any EhLanders can't get thru, I can get the real directory number behind the 1-800.

I dunno what Casita will do, but it's certainly wise to check.

Pete and Rats

Legacy Posts 11-08-2002 07:43 PM

Phone number for Scamp when out of U.S. is 1-218-947-4932.Ask for Steve in parts.Unfortunately when I spoke to them they will not ship to Canada.

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