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Raunie Aasland 04-30-2006 08:04 AM

I'm concerned about weight distribution, and getting everything from my 14" Surfside in. I don't want to reinvent the wheel!

I have a 16' with the privacy compartment, full length wardrobe, & no cabinet across the back. I have three cupboards above the stove, silverware drawer, lower cupboard door next to fridge (seems to be a long space under the fridge, but how do you access it?) three cupboards over the sink, and undersink storage. Underbench storage in the dinette area, and storage under the bunk.

I find that my current melamine plates are too large to fit through the cupboard's doors above the sink -- guess I'll have to get some new ones that have a smaller diameter.
Also I have more utensils than will fit in the silverware drawer -- any suggestions?

Thanks. Oh, I don't plan to carry water in the tank. Will use jugs hauled in the van. Canned goods will be in the van too.

Pete Dumbleton 04-30-2006 12:30 PM

The basic principle is to load by weight, keeping the heavy stuf as low and close to the axle as possible.

Consider getting some of the those paper plate holders and using paper plates -- Not only do they weigh a lot less, it takes no water to wash them and you aren't left with gray water disposal problems. Plus it takes less gasoline to haul them around.

Donna D. 05-02-2006 08:34 PM

Do you need the wardrobe closet? I put shelving in my Scamp and it now stores alot of the stuff that was being packed in a Rubbermaid Tote....important stuff like the COFFEE POT! Since you have a privacy closet (I'm assuming a port-a-potty and no shower?) consider getting a hanging bag...the kind you'd use to store sweaters...that will give you more "shelf" space. Somehow with some preplanning and thinking about what my needs will be..I manage to shoehorn everything I need in the trailer.

But you know what, if I forget something or need to double-duty something it's not the end of the world. If I wanted to be as well stocked as I am at home...I'd probably just stay there. It's an experience!

Speaking of double-duty. One weekend I used my daughter's Frisbee as a "plate support" to hold the thin paper plates I was use for dinner. Hey, it worked!

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