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Coach George Jessup 04-30-2006 01:02 PM

I did a search but must not have searched by the right terms cause I got nothing.

Any tips on pulling the door's shape in line with the body to prevent the gap at the bottom. I could see tracing out the propper shape of the curve off the body on each side of the door. Then applying this to a strip of thick plywood, cut it out and screw these to the inner edges of the door (leaving room for it to close of course). Maybe bend some square tubing, flat stock or?? to the right shape and screw it on as described above?

Am I missing something? Like is the door shape correct but the trailer shape has changed overtime and this needs to be corrected?

Coach George Jessup 04-30-2006 01:34 PM

Found something. I should have searched by "warped door" anyway here is the link. I have not finished reading it yet

Roy Massen 04-30-2006 04:59 PM


Am I missing something? Like is the door shape correct but the trailer shape has changed overtime and this needs to be corrected?
I found that it was the body that bowed and not the door that changed shape on my 13ft Boler. I simply removed the square chrome support running vertically on the forward side of the door opening (flat head screws under the rubber trim). then put it in a vise and took out some of the curve and checked. When I put it back and pulled the body back into shape the door fit again. Then since my hinges were bad I replaced them with scamp hinges.


Suz 05-01-2006 07:37 AM

George, we've had a lot of discussions and some great pictures of various fixes, however the forum was hijacked last year and we lost all of the information. That's why you didn't find much when you searched.

I know that many have had doors that needed correcting so I'm not doubting that yours does as well. However, on my '89 Casita, the only thing that it needed was a new gasket for the door. Apparently the bottom one had fallen off.

Rather than fix the door, Ches actually extended the floor out on his 13' Boler to make a better door seal. Wish we still had that thread with photos.

Benny K 05-01-2006 03:39 PM

I believe that Ches also widened the body on the bottom of the hinge side door opening to conform to the door shape.....Benny

John & Sandy M 05-02-2006 07:09 AM

This seems to be a common complaint with the Scamp doors. I have the same problem with our '99 Scamp and several other owners had a similar problem. I was able to get a good seal on the door bottom using a piece of garage door seal pop rivited to the inside sealing surface of the trailer. I get the impression that the bottom of the door never mated properly with the fiberglass trailer hull since the trailer side bottom of the door was fitted with a straingly formed 3/4" X ~12" piece of steel bar stock... which was also reported by several other owners. Our door now seals at the bottom but the curve doesn't match the curve of the hull (don't think it ever did).

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