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Darwin Maring 05-07-2006 08:39 AM

I received the following message and made a recomendation. The GoodSam is more than a monthly magazine and I'm more than confident potteralice will get her questions answered and have fun if she follows through on my suggestion:
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potteralice has sent you this email from

hi, you seem to be the closest member so i am going to ask a favor of you. especially sinde you have identified yourself as a gadget guy.

would you be willing to help me understand all the details about my 17' casita like how the refrigerator works when traveling, why doesn't my battery recharge as i drive, should i get a generator instead of using propane.

this is the kind of info the previous owner didn't really know and the rv places want to charge a fortune for their serviceman's advice. i don't mind paying for advice and help but i would rather it be someone who knows these trailers.

i do need to replace the stovetop, the previous owner said that the knob doesn't work. maybe he just didn't know how to work it since he seemed the exact opposite of a gadget guy.

would you be willing to help? i can come to lake anna any time since i am retired. please consider this a plea for help.

thanks, potteralice

From DR

Here is a great suggestion. Save your gas and have fun at the same time. The Sam's club is having a SamBoree at the Frederick, Maryland fairgrounds on 26-29 May 2006. Go camp, make some friends and I guarantee there will be campers more than happy enough to answer your questions.

If you are not a Good Sam member, you may be able to join the organization there. I remain a member and enjoy their benefits and monthly

Contact: Bill Brooks, Box 204, Cobb Island, MD 20625.

(301) 259-2728

You will save $$ by paying before the 25th of May.

Good luck and good camping. Hope you enjoy and learn.

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