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Gina D. 07-20-2006 08:27 PM

<span style="font-family:impact"><span style="font-size:18pt;line-height:100%">Register with your REAL name.</span></span> You don't have to use your last name, a simple "Sally J." will do. If your name is already taken, try "Sally of Boise" or Sally of *insert area here*"

We feel the site is much more friendly with real names, and as a moderator, I have rec'd many comments from members about how they like that we DO use real names.

It's hard to put a personality to "Okramangler" or such handles.

We also don't want to call you a boy if you are a girl Hard to tell with names like *thelonecamper* or *burntmarshmallow*

You get the idea.

Thanks for your co-operation!

Benita 09-02-2006 12:43 AM

ALSO, for you coastal dwellers, saying "north coast", "central coast" or "southern coast" is not sufficient info if you ask a question whose answer is impacted by the terrain you will travel through.

1. All of the continents have more than one coast.
2. Think globally. This board is not exclusive to the USA. There is a big difference between the geography of the central coasts of South America and the central coasts of Canada or Northern Europe.

Mary F 09-02-2006 09:41 AM

Good point, Benita. Thanks.

Another tip: after registering, Location and RV Type can be updated by going to My Controls.

The username one chooses at registration, though, can only be changed by The Management... and in most cases accounts with bad usernames will simply be deleted.

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