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Tirah 07-22-2006 12:39 PM

Hi Folks,

I am a newbie, so please forgive my lack of knowledge here. Is it possible my Scamp does not have a converter and recharges the 12v system purely when the trailer is plugged into the tow vehicle?? I looked for a converter in the trailer, but all I see is that gray box under the sink, which according to the Scamp manual, is a 120v circuit breaker. There isn't a converter under the bunk, under the dinette, or under the sink. I didn't see anything converter-like around the refrigerator, either.

The problem we're having is that the 12v lights start to dim and then completely lose power after several days of camping while plugged into 120v power, as though the battery slowly dies. But now, after a five hour drive home, plugged into the tow vehicle, I just found that the 12v lights are nice and bright again. I thought we had a converter that was malfunctioning, but maybe we don't even have a converter and the battery is recharged by the tow vehicle while hooked up through the 7 pin-connector? Additionally, we blew the fuse under the bunk a few times and the fuse at the battery a few times- randomly and spanning between a couple of weeks plugged into 120v. I was thinking that was related to the converter, but now I'm guessing not, since we might not have a converter.


Pete Dumbleton 07-22-2006 03:29 PM

If your Scamp has a converter, likely it is under the rear bench on the left (non-curb) side of the egg, altho some of the newer Scamps have the converter under the fridge.

Sounds like you either don't have one or it's got a problem, however, usually the 12VDC fuses for lights and appliances are inside the converter. If your converter is dead, consider just getting a decent battery charger (three stage) -- Lots less expensive.

Also sounds as if your tow vehicle is wired to charge the battery while towing.

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