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Alistair Camelford 10-21-2006 08:53 PM

I may regret this, but I didn't stay at the auction near here to bid on the vintage Trillium 1300. I did "kick the tires" and contemplate long and hard , but I used the old left brain and passed it up. "It" was a'71or'72 Trill that had serial #437. It had a decent shell(barn fresh I think )but the inside was decrepit. The tail-light lenses were small -6" trapezoidal- not like the long Bargmans on my 73 and all others I'd seen. The frame did not extend back to form a rear bumper idea how the spare was mounted to the rear body! The "project" really intrigued me but the deal-breaker was the front window and gravel guard were gone and replaced by a large panel of polycarbonate. My wife kept asking questions like"Where would I store it?...get the new window?...find the TIME to re-do it? " and all sorts of annoyingly logical things. But ...I walked away from the auction without this piece of Egg History.
The crowd was sparse...mostly farmers waiting for good deals on the tractors and stuff. I imagine that one of them bought it for a storage shed or calf pen or maybe a "hunt camp bunkie". Did I mention that the cushions were thin two inch foam? The window sticker indicated it had been a B.C. resident in the 80's...wonder how it got on the farm.
I know the auctioneer and am tempted to call and find out what it went for...but if it sold for a few hundered, I'd only hate myself in the morning! Guess I'll go out to the Road Toad and finish wiring up my four new LED strips to brighten up my mood Alistair

Joseph Olajos 10-22-2006 09:26 AM

Hi Alistair

Being an auction junkie myself, I can relate to your thoughts as you walked away from the Trillium. Been there, done that, kicked myself in the same part of my anatomy afterwards.
Who knows...the frame could have been cracked in three places, the floor might have been rotted thru' and the mold may have been just getting into high gear...

Then again, it maybe did go for $100 "as is , where is" !!!

Look at it this way, too...if you had bought it, you might still be there, trying to un-stick the flat tires from the mud, at the same time wondering why one side of the unit is 4" lower than the other, why the tires won't take air, and hoping the wheel bearings will last out the drive home.

.......Just trying to make you feel better !!

From one 73 Trill owner to another...

Alistair Camelford 10-22-2006 10:31 AM

Joe...that's eggsactly what my left cerebral hemisphere kept telling me (along with my wife!)
Ahh rational thinking...what a bore Alistair

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