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Product Service Bulletin

Important Information To Better Service Your Customers

Post For Ready Reference

March 6, 2006

PSB #2006-06

TO: Goodyear Company Owned Outlets

Goodyear Contract Dealers

Subject: Marathon Special Trailer Applications - General Information

Goodyear Marathon tires are widely used in a variety of towable trailer
applications and are designed and

branded as “ST” (Special Trailer) tires.

This bulletin is designed to help you obtain the best performance from tires
with the ST (Special Trailer)

designation. Please review the following important points with your Goodyear
Marathon customers.

• Industry standards dictate that tires with the ST designation are speed
restricted to 65 MPH under

normal inflation and load conditions unless a different speed restriction is
indicated on the sidewall of

the tire.

• Based on industry standards, if tires with the ST designation are used at
speeds between 66 and 75 mph,

it is necessary to increase the cold inflation pressures by 10 psi above the
recommended pressure for the


o Do not exceed the maximum pressure for the wheel.

o If the maximum pressure for the wheel prohibits the increase of air pressure,
then the

maximum speed must be restricted to 65 mph.

o The cold inflation pressure must not exceed 10 psi beyond the inflation
specified for the

maximum load of the tire.

• Drivers should always obey posted speed limits and reduce speeds when
necessary based on vehicle,

road, weather or traffic conditions.

• Trailers tires should be operated at inflation pressures that are specified by
the trailer manufacturer.

The trailer manufacturer’s inflation information can usually be found in the
owner’s manual, tire

information placard or vehicle certification label, usually located on the
forward left side of the trailer.

• Cold inflation pressures should be checked every morning during trips and
monthly while in storage.



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• Vehicles or trailers should not be overloaded. The tire information placard,
vehicle certification labels or

owner’s manual should be checked for the maximum recommended load.

Vehicle speed, load and inflation pressures, all of which are within control of
the driver, are critical factors

for the safe and enjoyable operation of any vehicle.

Important tire care information and the load / inflation tables are available on
Goodyear’s Recreational

Vehicle web site at, or by ordering the Recreational Vehicle
Tire and Care Guide,

product code 700-862-911-55600.

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