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james kent 03-02-2007 07:02 AM

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Timberjack was a forest equipment manufacturing plant here. This was their mascot
While looking for information I saw this on EBay. It was used as a paperweight and bottle opener. Thought it would make a great trailer mascot as well.

Chester Taje 03-02-2007 09:34 AM


Gina D. 03-02-2007 09:43 AM

I think thats a Mule, but it sure is angry!! Close enuff!

I looked, there are a lot of these on eBay. All with bids! Timberjack must be the John Deere of Canada? They have a LOT of swag too. Very popular here in the states.

I bet Roger even has some....

james kent 03-02-2007 02:19 PM

Yeah! The company was bought out by John Deere who instantly moved everything out of province thereby closing down three industrial sites and several other business who made parts. How badly do you want to get rid of the compitition. We're thankful that Toyota has decided to build a new plant here, but it will be a couple of years before it's into production.

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