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Flygal 08-15-2008 06:39 PM

All I can say is WOW, those folks put a lot of time and effort into those trailers and love them just as we do our fiberglass trailers. The most astonishing and of course no photo to prove it was a trailer that a fireplace (fake that looked like it was working) and an old time radio. Then there was a caboose looking trailer that the guy if I'm not mistaken has been working on it since the late 1970's...the woodwork in that was just beautiful. Forgive my story's if I have mis-represented, but they enjoy their beer so who am I to shun them. Still, representing the fiberglass trailers were 4 Scamps (3-13 ft and 1-16ft), A Trillium owned by Kris and her husband, A Boler or two, maybe three... but again the beer was a flowing. Myles and his wife and daughter were present and for the price of three beers I was able to get a fridge lesson on how to make it work on gas and it DOES WORK!!! and I was also introduced to the Fantastic Fan...being a skeptic I was thinking whoopy doo....and then I EXPERIENCED the fantastic fan...and yes it was named correctly...I will be saving up for one of those. I was only able to spend the one night because I have to rush off to work, but I defiantly will be traveling back to this one next year!

Doug Mager 08-15-2008 09:13 PM

We be off to Deming at 0:dark thirty tomorrow A.M. (WITH camera in hand) with our 'event T's on!!

SURPRZE Brandy but the Trailer Goddess an I have a fireplace in our Egg too, sits above the stovetop (how convenient?). You'll have to wait a couple more sleeps before you see/feel it in action!!!!!

Doug Mager 08-16-2008 11:12 PM

Well, we ben dare, dun dat, LOL!!

After a 2 hr wait in the line-up at the border to clear customs we finally made it to the event. (15 minute drive from the border even with the Trailer Goddess behind the wheel, LOL!!!

We were amazed at the # of bodies we knew from before (trailer, car and human).

Special Hi and THANKS :flowers again to Val for her :helpme this weekend.

Brandy...I don't care WHAT Val says about you, you're still # 1 & 1/2 in my books, LOL!!!! (Terri sends her best text message too).

It seemed (almost) like the F.G. trailers out numbered the stickies, well, except maybe for the T-Droppers and they seemed to be almost everywhere, LOL!!!

Note to self:
SELF, DO this event next year and stay the rest of the week for the upcoming rod run held there the following weekend.

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