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Scott S. 08-25-2008 10:18 AM

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hi all, hope someone here has run across this in the past. I have a 75 Surfside with a Coleman radiant heater (no fan) in it. I get a pilot light to stay on but as soon as I turn the dial to "ON" it goes out... and there not even a smell of gas. it worked before I had all the lines replaced so I'm wondering if there's an air lock? I let the pilot light go for a long time and re-tried several times.

any thoughts?

I have the problem solved...
I was trying to take some pics of the unit last evening and my neighbor stopped by.
he told be to turn the tank on "slowly" and then try. worked like a charm! I guess these new tanks have a
safety valve in them? I didn't know that.

figure I'd addend this post in case any one else had this issue.

Gerry 08-28-2008 03:55 AM

:goodposting: My wife says I always do stuff at 150 MPH and your posting brings to mind a camping trip my grandson and I took last May.
After ariveing late in the eveining and useing the outdoor campstove for supper we just went to sleep.
The morning brought us a fosty 38 degree Maine moring for early May and I, even with the thoughts of being a great Gran-Pa, was reluctent to go out and turn the bottle gas on for the furnace.
But I did, and as you flame.
I knew the bottle had gas... but....So I changed bottle over from camp stove onto the camper and now I think I was going 300 MPH.
I went back to the semi-wamth of under the covers and waited until the sun warmed things up a bit and then I took my time to test the tanks on the campstove which I knew worked as we had supper the night before....put one back on trailer and slowed down a bit and things worked fine.
I figured it out by trying to turn the valve on, just a bit, while not hooked up to the trailer and a little hiss then nothing so I assumed a devise must be internal.
Other things about the gas tanks are you always should turn them on 100%. and I know my old furnace needs a well charged battery for it to operate the fans and the gas valve.
On the good side is the small 13ft Boler can be heated up with just the pilot light if the windows are all closed .

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