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Coach George Jessup 09-26-2008 06:08 PM

Just a heads up. As a regular user of many bulletin boards, a moderator and board co-administrator of a few too..... I find it is more the norm to have the "post edit button" send users to a default quick edit screen with a button tagged to it that can take users to a full edit mode if they want.

Your present system of defaulting to a menu to choose your prefered edit mode is pretty atypical. I find myself waiting for the typical quick edit screen to appear. Takes me a moment to remember..... "oh yeah"..... "I keep forgetting". "This board's system is an oddball and I got to choose one".

I suspect I'm in the norm of finding the existing method a bit of a PITA with it being so out of the norm.

Just something to consider next time someone is in the admin menu's. Im betting that setting "quick edit screen" as the default for the "edit post button" is just an easy change of a menu setting; though I could be wrong.

Donna D. 09-26-2008 07:29 PM

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George you are welcome to edit any of your own posts for the first 24 hours, after that the ability goes away. We were hacked in 2005 and lost ALL the topics and ALL the pictures, basically had to start from scratch. So, we're a bit hesitant to add functionality and I think you can understand that. After 24 hours, editing posts doesn't really add to the view ability. It doesn't "show" as a new post and anyone that's already read the post is unlikely to reread just to find out what's changed.

There are more than 20 different kinds of forum software. Each has different programming that does different things. They may look similar on the screen, but can be totally different underneath.

All of the three main fiberglass forums use the same software, so those that belong to those forums are used to the edit complex. I doubt we'd change to pattern this software after some other focus group.

Besides, the best edit.... is the one you make before you hit the add reply button.

BTW: I've edited over 3,000 posts in the past 3 years. Mostly spelling errors that would effect search etc. I like the full edit at the top :spin since I use it so much.

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Coach George Jessup 09-26-2008 07:49 PM

Thank you for your responce. Not being able to edit your own post after a time period has nothing to do with the point I brought up. I guess I did not make myself clear cause none of your reply seemed to fit lol. I say that in no disrespect to you.. but to myself for not being clear.

Topic of my point was about a what the software is set to do after pushing the button "edit" when wanting to edit your own post. In all of the boards Ive been part of.... and thats got to be close to 50?? all of them do one of two things after hitting the "edit" button. They either take you directly to Full edit.... or they take you to quick edit. NO boards except this one I've ever visited takes the user to yet again another menu where where you have to select your prefered edit mode. (full or quick).

Majority of all sites.. I would guess 99% have now gone to the "edit" button taking users by default to the "quick edit" screen so the user can make their changes and be done wiht it. Since this is such a typical method of doing things it would be rather odd that the software running this board does not have that capability.

Just a thought.

When you get a chance.... join some other boards just to test their setups. Toy around and see the flow of functionality.

I wont get into not being able to edit your own post at later times. Thats a different fish and we obviously have different taste for fish LOL.

Donna D. 09-26-2008 08:14 PM

Nope, got your point George. I just went and tested at CasitaForum and CasitaClub since they're running the same software as FiberglassRV. Those forums are setup the same. Full edit at top and yes, you have to choose. I think to keep the members (and lots belong to all three forums) from being confused, it is actually better to be consistent. When you edit as many posts as I do, you'd appreciate the full edit mode at the top.

I did go look in the "backroom." There isn't an option to automatically put either type of edit mode as a default to automatically open by just clicking "edit."

But, thanks for your comments.

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