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Tilden Y 11-28-2008 09:59 PM

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I have a 1971 Eriba Puck for sale in excellent condition. I bought the trailer two years ago in a mostly restored condition and finished the restoration completely. While the trailer is restored many key features like the headliner are original and in excellent condition which add to the trailers character. I come from a vintage Volkswagen background where original condition is more sought after than restorations and that is how I approached sprucing up this Eriba Puck.

When I bought the Puck the previous owner had repainted it the original color, had a new poptop canvas installed, replaced all window seals with factory ones from Germany, and reupholstered the seats in a seafoam green vinyl and replaced the foam with cushy memory foam. All the cabinets, stove, lighting, and icebox are original and in excellent shape. The floor was original too but soft in some areas.

So the first thing I did when I bought it was take everything out to replace the floor. I used a marine grade 5 ply 1/2" and coated both sides with many coats of grey marine grade oil paint. Then for the inside I covered the floor with all natural cork floor tiles and sealed with a "green" low voc polyurethane. While everything was out I sanded and re sealed all the cabinets, detailed the stove and replaced the propane fittings, re-insulated the icebox with modern bubble insulation, added an electric sink pump (but used the original faucet), added a new 5 gallon water tank, cleaned up any questionable spots in the wiring, and added a new blue top Optima trailer battery.

I also made a nice new set of curtains out of a madras fabric- I make clothes for a living so I'm pretty handy with a sewing machine. Also as I stated before, the original headliner is in excellent shape with no rips or sagging anywhere. The original light fixtures are all present and working. I then ordered the correct plastic trim inserts for the exterior aluminum trim from Eriba in Germany- that was an adventure!- the shipping ended up being twice as much as the trim. I also made an awning out of sunbrella fabric that uses three adjustable lightweight aluminum poles.

All exterior trim and badges are present and I even have the original key. The original 3 gallon propane tank is there. The wheels are original and I got original hubcaps off ebayUK. The bearings were replaced when I bought it and the torsion bar suspension works great. The tires have lots of tread left and I just had tubes put in them because they had a habit of loosing the bead- problem solved.

I have towed this trailer with various Volkswagens on several long trips to Montana and it works great. Eribas only weigh 800lbs so they tow very nicely and were designed to be towed by euro 4 cylinder cars. The icebox keeps ice for a long time with the help of a little fridge fan I added. I have camped in the snow several times and the trailer stays nice and cozy with the factory insulation and a little tent heater I bought that will stay with the trailer. I am only selling because I have set my sights on a Syncro Westfalia Vanagon and don't have the need for two campers. I bought the trailer for 6k and would like to get at least that much because I have spent the time and money to make it nicer than when I first got it- although it would be nice to make room for my new Vanagon so I'm open to any offers except trades. Also included in the sale price is FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI INCLUDING CANADA. I love to go for long drives so this is no problem for me. If you're on the east coast I could probably work something out.

Will take pics tomorrow and post a link to my flikr account- was waiting for a sunny day!


-Tilden Yamamoto

Raya 11-28-2008 11:01 PM

These are neat little trailers, although they're not molded fiberglass. The frame is steel and the skin aluminum. The pop top section is fiberglass, and the roof may be as well (I'm not sure on that).

Sounds like you did a nice restoration, and I look forward to seeing the photos. I have a friend with a Puck, and I looked at one on the way to see (what became) my Boler.


Tilden Y 11-30-2008 03:46 PM

Heres a link to photos of the Puck. If anyone wants a specific shot just let me know.

Bobbie Mayer 11-30-2008 05:01 PM

It's really cute, and it shouldn't take too long to deliver it to Gina!

Raya 11-30-2008 05:33 PM

Deleted: Decided I should have PMed instead.


Monica M 12-04-2008 11:50 PM

That is the cutest little trailer I have ever seen!!! Unfortunately I need a bathroom as I plan on being a full timer, but I just love it! You did a great job on it, looks antique and new all at once, thanks for all the photos, never even heard of them before!! I am sure it will sell in no time flat! Good luck!

Raya 12-05-2008 12:39 AM

By the way, I corresponded with Tilden early in the week (about the wire in the canvas top) and he mentioned that the Puck was sold.


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