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Raya 03-22-2009 11:57 AM

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Hello Jalousie window fans :thumb

(If you want to get straight to the question, skip the first two paragraphs :D )

I'm curious how many other mid-70s Bolers have Berdick windows in the rear sides. I had always assumed that they were all made by Hehr (indeed, the smaller crank-outs in the door and over the stove are), but then I noticed a small, faded sticker on the rear/side windows (the big squarish jalousies).

Well I found that there is still a Berdick in Canada and I e-mailed them, just to see if they still had any parts, or maybe a diagram of seals, or .... anything. The fellow in Calgary (where I first wrote) confirmed that they did make "aluminium torque windows" in the past but don't anymore. Nonetheless, he directed me to e-mail a different plant of theirs to inquire again. I'm not expecting much, but you never know. 'Twould be fun if someone had a parts list or... well, who knows.

Regardless, I'm planning to remove those windows for resealing as soon as it gets a bit springier outside, and, although they are still functioning, I'd like to install new seals and clean the windows up a bit. Has anyone here done that? If so, where did you source the new seals? I see that Vintage and a few other places have the various profiles (mostly listed for Hehr but likely also usable for Berdick), but it looks like I might do some damage in removing the present ones (to determine exact profile and measurements), and then if I can't find new ones....

So, has anyone replaced seals in their Berdick windows who has a source/part number/etc.?

My next question is on the cranking mechanism. My windows all crank in and out and seam to seal fine, but one of the cranks is very stiff. Once I have the window out, can I clean and lubricate the crank without removing it from the window? Is there a suggested proper lubricant (of the nine million out there...)?

Here are photos of the Berdick jalousie windows in the rear dinette of my 1974, Neonex/Winnipeg-built Boler. Sorry, the label photo is a terrible zoom, but it gives you the general idea. I could take a better one if someone would like to see it in more detail.


Attachment 18671

Zoom of brand label in lower right outside corner of glass:

Attachment 18672

(By the way, the Hehr windows in door and above stove look like this and have Hehr brand labels - although I'm not asking about them here:)

Attachment 18673

I should get an inside photo of the Berdick windows for later in this thread, but for now I'll say that they have a 7/8" x 1" aluminum extrusion (which I believe is wood-filled) around the inside as a frame. I think the outside window is screwed into this inside frame, and that the inside frame is not otherwise a part of the window. I'll confirm this when I remove them, of course.

The crank handle is aluminum, and looks similar to the Hehr crank, except that the "knob" on the Hehr crank flares out on the inside end, whereas the Berdick crank handle "knob" is just a straight cylinder

So.... anyone replaced seals on these or lubed cranks? If so, I would love to hear about it and have a nice, informative thread (I had searched "Berdick" on FGRV but didn't find anything...?) Edited because Oh, for Heaven's Sake I had inadvertently misspelled Berdick as Burdick in my original post. I did go back and search "Berdick" here, but only came up with one thread about insert strips (and the part numbers mention are for Hehr strips - no-one in the thread confirmed that they will work on Berdick windows (Trilliums use Hehr windows).



Donna D. 03-22-2009 12:00 PM

I keep posting this, hoping someone will give us some more specific information.

From the Helpful-Links: Windows and Window Parts

There's a couple of subtopics that mention the Jalousie windows.

Raya 03-22-2009 12:03 PM

Well shoot, I thought I had already looked there (goes to look now).

Okay, well I haven't searched the aforementioned links exhaustively, but I have looked over some of them before (and checked a couple now). The ones that mention brand names do mention Hehr. It's quite possible that some or all of the same seals were used on the Berdick windows, but I don't see them mentioned.

Here was my thinking in starting this thread:
I'm hoping to start a "live" dialogue on these Berdick windows, and glean some part numbers and sources if someone had them. When I've gone to the seals pages of places like Interstate Metals or Pellandent, they list the molding/seal profiles in millimeters, and I feel that to get that for sure I'd have to remove my current seals (potentially damaging them - and they do still work), and then maybe going weeks without seals while I wait to order them and have them come).

So it would be nice to have part numbers - and even new seals - in hand before disassembling the windows. Also to hear about lubing the cranks (I don't think I need new ones).

If I do find real-live part numbers as a result of this thread, I'd be happy to submit them for the links page with specific identifying info :yep


kevin61 03-22-2009 03:27 PM

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I re-finished one of my side windows last year and will be doing the other this year when the weather warms up.

I believe I purchased most of the seals from Vinatage Trailer. Some seals had to be modified but they seem to work. I will track down my invoice to see exactly what I had ordered.

I believe your window is like this one:

I will be doing another video showing the dismantling and preparations for painting within the next month.

The new window looks like this. This one has a few scuffs in the paint as I handled it too soon after painting. It will get a touchup.

Attachment 18680

Attachment 18677

Attachment 18678

Attachment 18679

Raya 03-22-2009 04:20 PM


I've seen your excellent video; thank you! In fact, that's how I got the idea that the aluminum "1 x 1" on the inside was really a wooden screw-backer board. Are your windows Berdick windows also? They sure do look the same although I can't make out the logo on yours (perhaps it's been removed). I had only ever heard people talk about Hehr brand before.

My seals could use replacing, although they are not bad enough that I'm driven to modify other ones, yet. It just seems that these must/might be out there somewhere; or at least I'd like to try to find them and then publicize the part numbers for them here in this thread.

I would be very grateful to know which part numbers you used, where they were used, and which were exact fits vs. which you modified :Thanx:

From what I know, it's not easy to get paint to stick to the aluminum frames, so don't be too hard on yourself for the paint chipping. I've painted aluminum boats, but I wouldn't tackle these windows, with all their little strips and seams. You could consider going back to the bare aluminum if they continue to chip.


Harry Young 03-22-2009 05:59 PM

Dear Raya,

I Have had good luck here finding current mechanical replacements for windows. There is a Jalousie section as well as an RV section also seals. Good luck.


Jack Walter 04-03-2009 09:22 PM

(By the way, the Hehr windows in door and above stove look like this and have Hehr brand labels - although I'm not asking about them here:)

Attachment 18673

Does anyone know of a source for replacements for the Hehr windows used in the door and above the stove in a Boler? Both of mine are in pretty sad shape - the whole exterior jalousie portion ids missing from the one over the stove.

Donna D. 04-03-2009 09:41 PM

Couple of links in the Windows and Window Parts pages, Hehr International, Sunview and Buccaneer can all make what you need: Windows and Window Parts, probably others as well.

Raya 04-03-2009 10:47 PM

From what I know those Hehr windows are not available new anymore. You can get new Hehr jalousie windows in a similar size, but they have radiused corners (so you either have to go larger, if possible, or fill in the corners).

You can get the various seals and trims for those older Hehr windows though.

Now, where are all the people who must have refurbished their Burdick wndows? :cblob :D


kevin61 04-22-2009 08:31 PM


Here is the seal I modified to fit the channel in my windows.

I had to "shave" the "T" section to get it to fit in the channel. It was a bit of a pain but it seems to be staying in place.

I haven't got around to making a video of the second window restoration yet.

Lizbeth 04-23-2009 05:58 PM

Another source for window parts. They were a bit strange to deal with, they told me one of the parts I needed was out of stock and then shipped it without telling me a few days later. I was sure glad I hadn't order more parts from another dealer in the meantime.

kevin61 04-25-2009 08:27 PM

The above is a link showing a method of removing and disassembling a side window on a Boler trailer.

Other videos will follow showing cleaning, painting, installing a new crank and reassembly

kevin61 05-14-2009 10:56 AM

Painting an aluminum side window on a Boler

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