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Lisa H. 07-15-2009 04:59 PM

Used tank, post 2002 is fine as long as it is in good condition and has gauges. If anyone knows where I might find a used one in Southern California, your referral would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Roy in TO 07-15-2009 07:35 PM

There is this guy up in Sacremento.

Plus I found this list surfing a while back and posted it in the care and feeding forum

If you are going to a wreckers, please let me know. I'm looking for some water tanks and hatches. We will be in PA towards the end of the month and can pick up from a UPS depot in our travels avoiding heavy duty brokerage fees and taking advantage of our duty free trip.


Lisa H. 07-15-2009 11:03 PM

Thanks Roy! It's no small coinicidence that you were the one to respond to my inquiry. :yep I'm in search of that tank so I can duplicate YOUR tongue mod with all of your retrospective improvements in mind. :wink

Oh yeah. . . as for the hatches. . . look up RV hatches or even RV windows on Ebay. Callen Campers got a ton of hatches in that had been manufactured for Weekend Warrior trailer company and then the company cancelled their order when they went out of business. I met with Tammy Callen today to pick up my new front window and heard all about it. They have a ton of hatches in stock. Just email or call her if you don't see exactly what you want. Callen Campers is a family run business that is really struggling to hold on. They are buying up items like the hatches and windows and selling them on Ebay so they can weather out this economic storm and start building their custom trailers again. They have really reasonable prices and are a pleasure to deal with. If you don't find what you need, I might actually have an extra that's still in the box that I won't need. I can't remember the dimensions though. Something like
9 x 17 marine hatch, arctic white. PM me if all else fails.

Roy in TO 07-17-2009 12:00 AM

Thanks Lisa,
I don't remeber if I mentioned this or not but I found a tongue box that was a few inches shorter in height. It will end off at the belly band. I'll replace mine once I've done most of the other work and am able to do the 3rd revision.

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