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Cory Lewis 07-20-2009 06:06 PM


Has anyone seen a tank emptying set up where there are three valves. One empties the black water tank, another empties a gray water tank, and a third empties a tube that runs directly to the shower drain. This means the shower drain "holding tank" is about a 10" run of 2" plastic tube!

I guess it would be simple to connect a portable tank to the main outlet and leave the shower valve open.

Just seems strange that someone would design an rv with a shower but not empty it into a gray tank. Might be the case as the shower floor may be so close to the trailer floor height that the drain would have to run uphill to get to the main gray tank.

From the layout, looks like to run a tube from the shower drain to a second grey tank would require drilling a couple of holes through the frame.

I know, I know, could always use our hanging bag sun warming shower outside, and showering indoors may provide extra convenience, but just thought it odd to have a shower without a tank.

Donna D. 07-21-2009 08:58 AM

In my ole 1988 Scamp there are two gates/valves. One for the gray water and one for the black water. But, the shower drain runs from a garden hose to the gray water tank.... there's a "nipple" connection on the side... up near the high side of the gray water tank.

I suppose you could always use a blue tote and just run the shower right to it, then dump it just for the shower .... hummmm.

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