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kevin61 08-17-2009 09:07 AM

Has anyone any experience with adding a shower to a 17' Boler. My sister is looking to purchase a 17', preferably with a functioning shower, however I'd like to know the degree of difficulty in adding one in case I see a good price on a unit that has only a toilet.

I've done a search but can't seem to find any information.

Donna D. 08-17-2009 08:14 PM

There's been a couple of members that have added permanent showers in their trailers. Typically though most just add temporary showers. If you're a member of YahooScampers, I've bookmarked a couple of different people that have put showers/bathrooms in 13 foot Scamps. These links are just to the pictures, but it may give you an idea:

13 Foot Front Bunk to Shower

Scamp 13 mini Bath/Shower

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