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Eddie M 03-05-2010 01:40 PM

I purchased a 1985 Uhaul CT and can't figure out a few things. Can someone please tell me what the water pump that goes to the roof vent is for. And the next thing is what bolt pattern are the stock rims? Any info is greatly appreciated.


Donna D. 03-05-2010 02:21 PM

Eddie, it sounds like you do.. or did... have a swamp cooler on the roof. The water pump was used to get water to the cooler... at least I think that's what it was for. Unless someone rigged up an overhead exterior shower.....

Can't help with the bolt pattern..

CindyL 03-05-2010 03:18 PM

UHaul has a proprietary bolt pattern on the rims. You can pop on over to and pay them money to open up the historical postings and will find the part number. Some UHaul dealers will order the part for you. Others will accuse you of buying a stolen trailer. Other members have found some kind of old car rims that work if you add a spacer.

It also might be here if you search. It is a typical conversation for new UHaul owners.

Check it out. And congrats on buying a UHaul.


Jeanne and Steve 03-05-2010 04:22 PM

Hi Eddie,
Congrats on the wonderful new addition to your family! :welcome2:
I've included a reference to an earlier post regarding our search for a spare rim for our U-Haul. If you want to know more about the bolt pattern and our search for an alternative, non-U-Haul rim, you might want to read the entire thread (tires n rims, 14inch).



We had a long quest to get a 13" rim for our U-Haul, and after many trips to our local U-Haul center, finally had success too. What made the difference for us, was that on the final trip in, the employee gave [b]us the phone number of the major U-Haul center that they get parts from. Steve phoned, asked to speak to their parts person, ordered part # 23516006, and arranged to have it sent to our local U-Haul center (with that manager's knowledge). It cost $79. :omy

I think the reason that we weren't originally successful at U-Haul was because the employees that made phone calls on our behalf explained the situation to the person on the other end. "Hi, I have a customer here with one of U-Haul's old camper trailers and they'd like to get a rim for it..." which always prompted discussions of how U-Haul was no longer responsible for the trailers. Success happens when you instead start the conversation by saying "Hi, I need to order part # 23516006" It's also best if your local U-Haul dealer calls to order the part - it was a little problematic when the person we called discovered that we weren't a U-Haul dealer ourselves since they aren't supposed to sell them to the public.


Frederick L. Simson 03-05-2010 06:15 PM


I purchased a 1985 Uhaul CT and can't figure out a few things. [b]Can someone please tell me what the water pump that goes to the roof vent is for?
Donna D. is correct in that UHaul used to have an evaporative (a.k.a. swamp) cooler on the roof covering the plain roof vent.

My Fiber Stream had one when I first bought the trailer; it was a very leaky 30-year-old unit that I took down and replaced with a Fantastic-Fan.

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