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Adrian W 09-05-2010 02:36 PM

Auxiliary Fresh Water Tank, Transferring Water
:) Auxiliary Fresh Water Tank, Transferring Water---Neat to Have Boondocking/Dry Camping.

A way to have access to more fresh water and a way to tranfer it to the holding tank in the trailer is a must for us, one of the very first things we got for ours. A 26 gal water tank which we keep in the back of the pick-up. We have one of these: 26 gal Tank

I'd hate to live without my set-up. We use one of these to transfer water (if gravity or siphon will not work): 12v Pump

I order the one I have, due to the limited size of the Ranger's bed. My son has gotten tanks, but a different kind, more shape of barrels from Farm & Ranch Supply Companies.

We both use pumps to fill the trailers tanks, but one could use gravity to fill smaller containers. With the Ranger, I had to pump it most of the time, with the F-150 being higher, gravity works very well right into the trailer's filler opening. I didn't even hook up the pump most of the time I used it this summer, each day normally.

Other ways of Transferring Water:

We seldom use RV Parks.
Gravity wouldn't work, I use the old siphon method, which will work most times, but not all the time.

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