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BCPaul 08-08-2011 12:17 PM

Elixir elx-25 screeching
Even with the battery disconnected and all the fuses pulled, the Elixir elx-25 power converter that came with our trailer screeches - lots of chirping that perfectly matches fan's jerky moments or continuous screech if fan on full, but stopping fan from turning with a pen does not stop the screech.

The converter mfg says it is defective and under warranty. The trailer mfg says they will swap when we pass through Calgary and cover cost of a clip-on charger in the meantime. Too bad we are still 5000 miles from home. Lucky we have solar on sunny days.

I suspect it is a fan or fan control circuit issue because otherwise the converter seems to work.

Anyone else with that converter? Maybe this post will help others.

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