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Ron in BC 02-23-2012 09:49 PM

Scamp 13, hidden spaces?
I have a Scamp 13, front bathroom. First, I'm curious about the floor of the closet next to the bathroom. It looks like it's a false floor and that there might be a few inches of space between it and the real floor.

If so, it looks like a good place to make a "hidey hole" for valubles.

The real reason that I'm looking closely at the area is that I want to run some new wires from that closet around behind the bathroom, past the fridge to the area near the sink without them going to the outside and running under the trailer.

The shape of the ledge around the shower footwell leads me to believe that there's lot's of hollow space there. I've tried pushing some wire through but I can't get it to go round the corner.

Two things I thought I might try are; make an opening in the false floor to allow more access to the hollow area and remove the fridge to gain more access on the other end.

Before I do this I thought that I'd ask if anyone had accessed these areas.


james kent 02-24-2012 06:33 AM

Isn't the floor in your trailer actually dropped in the centre between the frame rails for added ceiling heigth and water tanks, making it appear to have false sections in the floor. Check the underside of your trailer to see the differences.

Eddie Longest 02-24-2012 07:12 AM

James is correct about the floor, no hidden spaces. You can get power to that front corner by coming the long way around the trailer. You can drop through the floor aft of the door. Under the door walkway there is a piece of frame tube welded sideways and open on both ends. You can feed the wire through this tube and come up into the floor of the front right closet area. I have seen this done on larger trailers, on a 13 you may have to attach the wire to the side of this frame tube to go under the door walkway.
Get a piece of 12 ga. stranded wire from a marine store to go outside the trailer. This wire has gray jacket and look like UF underground wiring. Also cover the outside wiring with black flexable automotive conduit. While you are doing the wiring you can put an outlet in this circuit on the slanted front of your curb side dinette seat bench.
Like James said take a look under the trailer.

Ron in BC 02-24-2012 12:39 PM

OK, OK, I went out in the freezing rain knelt down and got soaking wet:(, but I see what you mean.

My first choice would be to run the wires around behind the bathroom area. It's frustrating to see the hot and cold water lines and some wiring already go that route and not be able to work some wires through the area.

I could take the toilet out to get some access but I think that's a case of "leave sleeping dogs lay". So I'll play around a bit more, maybe take the fridge out and try again to work a wire through but failing that I'll follow you suggestion Eddie and go the exterior route.


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