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freddo411 04-06-2012 02:50 PM

2.5 inch retaining ring ... how to remove ...
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I have a new flip up jack that is mounted on a metal pivot plate. It is held on with a large retaining ring (see pict). My frame has an identical bracket welded on already, so I need to remove the retainer, and reattach it to the bracket on the frame.

My retaining ring pliers can only handle rings about 1'' or smaller.

I can't find the needed tool at home depot.

Any idea how to remove this without a proper retaining ring plier? Where can I get the the needed tool?

Ron in BC 04-06-2012 03:56 PM

For a one-off situation like that you can get by without finding larger circlip pliers.

I'd try several things. One would be to use the tips of a needle nose pliers. If it was a cheap pair I'd grind the tip to fit. Another way is to use something with a sharp point, like a awl. Insert in one hole and smack it sideways with a hammer. It helps if a second person at the same time tries to pry sideways. Once you get one end out just work the screwdrive around until it's out. Process works better if the work is held solidly.

Good luck, Ron

Mike Magee 04-06-2012 04:02 PM

If you could find two steel rods that will fit in the holes (perhaps from a coat hanger, but probably not stiff enough), you could use almost anything to act as a fulcrum between them and use them to spread the ring. I also have seen someone get a fine-edged screwdriver under one end and work his way around, working the ring out of the groove. Probably easier to just get a bigger ring pliers, maybe at a hardware store or place that specializes in tools.

BCDave 04-06-2012 04:06 PM

Many auto parts stores will LOAN out specialty tools (a deposit is required)

It is good business for them as folks will buy parts if they can INSTALL the bits n pieces!

Thomas G. 04-06-2012 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by BCDave (Post 299232)
Many auto parts stores will LOAN out specialty tools (a deposit is required)

It is good business for them as folks will buy parts if they can INSTALL the bits n pieces!

I think AutoZone is one such place.

floyd 04-06-2012 05:13 PM

you can do it with a needle nosed pliers. And/or...Once you get one edge up you can track it around with a small flat blade screwdriver,:)

John J. Norris 04-06-2012 05:50 PM

In the distant past I was able to remove snap rings like this with a flat blade screwdriver and a very sturdy pocket knife. I would slide the screw driver between the ends and twist, as I did so i would wiggle the point of my knife under and slide one end out, then work it around. Now you know why I quit working on machinery. Call Snap-On tools for a set of in and out snap ring removal tools... use to be sold in sets... who knows today, probably want to sell you individual tips???

BCDave 04-06-2012 06:07 PM

If it is Snap-Off tools - they will want $169.95 for EACH tip - with a pair needed to do anything. New and improved warranty, too. Its now a 50/50 warranty - good for 50 seconds or until the truck has gone 50 feet from point of sale - whichever is first! :laugh:laugh

Donna D. 04-07-2012 08:16 AM

Do you have a Harbor Freight close by? You can't get much cheaper tools (both purchase and made), but for a single use it may be worth checking out...

John J. Norris 04-07-2012 09:30 AM

Wire it up then pull on it...
If you can on this one, put a length of wire through one hole and tie off, (you may need to use a screwdriver to pry clip over as you take a piece of wire then wiggle through hole and grab with a needle nose pliers and pull like hell)... then another through other eyelet, and making it where you have a way to hold it then pull on it (using a tool etc) and pull on it then slip a screwdriver under clip and work it off... just another idea should anyone reach this situation again... I worked on heavy equipment, cars, truck, lawn equipment, small engines, and at one time or other I have had to do things like this. I also owned a hardware and often explained to folks how to achieve certain objectives... also a Handyman etc...

Greg H 04-07-2012 10:21 AM

What Floyd said.

freddo411 04-07-2012 04:02 PM

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Here's an update on how things went.

First off, thanks to everyone for the helpful advice. The local harbor frieght only had a small "snap ring", "retaining ring" or "lock ring" set of pliers. Same with Home Depot. You can see what I mean by "small" in the photo below; the blue pliers only open to 1 inch wide. On the very large snap ring (2.5 inches in diameter) that wasn't enough.

I took Floyd's suggestion and bought a $7 large needle nose plier, and milled the ends (see second pict). This make shift tool, opens up to two inches, and let me spread the ring sufficiently to get it off and put it on the other bracket.

In case anyone was wondering, the jack is a 1000# flip up model from Harbor Frieght, $27 before coupons. It comes with a bracket that could be bolted on.

EddyEd 05-08-2012 07:01 AM

I just had to do this same thing a few days ago and had the same problems. I ended up using the special "ring" removing tool to spread the ring just enough to get a flat head screwdriver under the ring, then another flat head screwdriver to work around the outside edge of the ring all the way around until it popped free. Took about 10 minutes of work but I did get it off.

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