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Barbara McQ 05-25-2013 08:10 AM

ParkLiner owner in Colorado?
My hubbie and I are keen on viewing a ParkLiner. Are there any owners out there in Colorado or neighboring states?

Donna D. 05-25-2013 08:53 AM

Hi Babs, welcome to FiberglassRV. :yep

We have a number of Parkliner owners here. I've seen Thom's & Cari's in person :aplas

Someone will be along shortly with suggestions on how to meetup with owners.


Barbara McQ 05-25-2013 12:18 PM

ParkLiner Owner in Colorado?
Thank you for the greeting, Donna! As a newbie, I am still figuring out the lingo and how to navigate around the site by trial and lots of errors. :omy
What a great resource this is for the community of fiberglass camper owners and wannabes!!

Checking out the site we came across the "thread" regarding issues with ParkLiner. We read the numerous and enlightening postings with great interest.

We had contacted PL several months ago and asked for a response as we had a few questions and details we wanted to clarify. After two calls and no response, we moved on to other manufacturers of small campers. For various reasons we came back to have another go at Parkliner.

Again, we made contact via phone and left a message. After several days with no response, I sent an email. We had just sold our larger camper and are eager to get a replacement as soon as possible. So, we were delighted when we finally received a call back.

Cameron was very helpful and eager to answer our questions and expanded on details we had not thought of. It was a very satisfying and productive exchange. Then we learned we could not expect a unit until October; not good. This is when Cameron directed us to FGRV as he recalled seeing a PL posted for sale.

Now that we have digested the postings and responses we are not sure that the ParkLiner is for us. It seems that some issues are being rectified by PL but some owners are taking it upon themselves. That's great if you can do it, but given the initial cost we would expect to drive the unit off the lot and feel confident that we would not experience any of these problems. Our greatest concern would certainly be the welded axles???

Respectfully - Babs

Robin G 05-25-2013 12:57 PM

Bab's Welcome, glad you joined us!

Like you I would expect a manufacture to have a finished product when it rolled off the production floor especially at the price point that compares to other manufactures. Mods for comfort or style sake are one thing. But just because your not finding what you need in PL, remember there are several other glass manufactures in production. So you certainly have options. PL may get it together at some point, who knows. But options are certainly out there. Good luck with your search.

David B. 05-25-2013 03:17 PM

Most axles are welded on, and only need replacing about every 20-30 years. Just use a plasma cutter and weld on a new axle.

accrete 05-25-2013 05:31 PM

Greetings Babs. Welcome to the forum, and my sincere best-wishes to you and your hubbie on finding a travel trailer that works for you.

You might recognize me as being one of the people that took matters into their own hands and started tweaking and rectifying issues with our Parkliner (#35). Our PL came off the assembly line on April 9, 2013 and was transported to our home on the Oregon Coast ~2900 miles away.

My wife and i pretty much purchased the Parkliner site unseen. Sure we looked at a prototype, but all that did was give us enough confidence in the basic design/layout to trust that a new one would fit our lifestyle...and it has!

On being free of _needs_ off the assymbly line? I never expect that for any price or any brand of RV. I've learned that lesson over the years. And the rig my wife and i live in full time in went for ~$125K in 2006...we have all documentation from the original owner's repairs on various systems. Stuff happens even to the best brands (and Mobile Suite is up there on top!)

Anywhooo...back to your search. I do hope there is someone who might be close enough for an open house. Being inside a Parkliner is a fun experience. Cari and I had been in Casita, Scamp, BigFoot, NorthernLite, Burro. There are many nice Eggs! And for us, there is nothing like the inside of a Parkliner! AND i will add this; we were recently at an eggGathering...just about every brand represented...there were many, many peeps who welcomed us and took a tour. One of the things that was much talked about was the feeling of spaciousness inside that little 12 x 6 foot box! Knowing what i know now? I believe that even if we had been unable to view a prototype, we would have ordered one based on our online research.

And the rest is history : )

Mimi Lee 05-25-2013 08:24 PM


Welcome to the forum. This is a really great place to do some research for the FGRV that will be just right for you and your husband. I have found people here are very helpful and generous in their input.

I am sorry though that the October timeframe for a new trailer delivery wouldn't work for you, but I'm glad that business at Parkliner continues to be brisk. And while I feel a little sad one of the threads you reference that gave you pause might have been mine, I firmly believe it is always good to have access to plenty of information that supports a confident and informed decision. We have chosen to address the issue we encountered ourselves (but we were not on our own, as we had help from this forum:D), as it is the most expeditious approach because we do not live near the factory. But we still are still very enthusiastic about our trailer. The bottom line for us is that the interior layout makes the most sense for our family of four, we love the style, we have already created some great memories we'll cherish forever, and we have addressed the concerning items. But of course, and respectfully, it is absolutely entirely your decision to make based on your comfort level of all factors.

Wish you all the best on your quest for the perfect egg for you and your husband!

Robin G 05-26-2013 11:50 AM

Bab's, Is there anyway you can make it to a Rally? At rally's there tend to be brand options, which will help you find your perfect trailer.

Camp Hale will have a few brands represented. I know I read you interested in something sooner but just a idea. I understand your desire to make the purchase happen ASAP but perhaps step back and take the time to find exactly what you want. Good Luck!

Mimi, you shouldn't feel bad for your post! Not at all.......... You had a issue (a dangerous one, I might add) and I hope everyone takes the information and rectifies the issue for the benefit of all. By posting your experience you might of saved someone a lot of grief. You shouldn't feel bad for that.

Barbara McQ 05-26-2013 01:56 PM

ParkLiner Owner in Colorado?
Everyone's feedback has been wonderful and taken to heart.

First, Mimi, as Robin said, no need to apologize for your remarks. Knowing the good, the bad and the ugly of anything is beneficial for sure. We all can take from it what we will.

I had checked out the Rocky Mtn Rally, Robin. We hope to attend next year in our own FG trailer. :reye2

That said, we have been campers since our honeymoon; taking off on a two week adventure in a borrowed wee camper, spent $35 total in camping fees and yes that was some time ago; 46 years to be exact.

Since then we have camped with tents, pop-up, VW camper van and a 25 ft 5th wheel into retirement. After selling our home back East 7 yrs ago, everything went into storage except the critters, hooked up the camper, left the hour commutes behind and headed West.

We ended up in the mountains of Colorado and soon discovered we needed to downsize our camper too. The mountain passes and endless off-the-beaten-path tracks beckon. So we are coming full circle back to a small camper.

Your reply, Thom, reminded us to step back and take stock. Long story short, we are going for the ParkLiner!

We poured over many, many brands of light campers and in the end ParkLiner was our final choice. I am so thankful that we were led to FGRV and although we had reason to pause, we feel this is still the camper for us.

When we first looked at ParkLiner's website and read Chandler's Back Story we felt a connection. As was pointed out, any new business has growing pains. Chandler and crew have to be acutely aware of the forum and the impact of the discussions and we have to believe they are taking notice and doing something about it.

We will still be without a camper for the summer but we are going to try to find something to beg, borrow or rent in the meantime for our travel plans in Aug and Sep.

Let's keep the chat going!
Babs and Dick McQuate

accrete 05-26-2013 02:22 PM


Originally Posted by Barbara McQ (Post 390310)
Everyone's feedback has been wonderful and taken to heart...

Your reply, Thom, reminded us to step back and take stock. Long story short, we are going for the ParkLiner!

... I am so thankful that we were led to FGRV and although we had reason to pause, we feel this is still the camper for us...

Congratulations you two on your future EggVenture-trailer. I would have given my congrats no matter what brand...but there is an extra WOOT!WOOT! behind this one. Happy to have helped in some way. Cari and i are sort of brave souls and feel comfortable being early adopters in many areas of life...this choice of travel trailer was just one of them. (I was using APPLE computers back in 1988 in engineering-admin...and I'm still a Pro-APPLE guy...even though it will never have the market share that WINDOWS does.)

We hope you have a great summer no matter what you take down the road! and look forward to that fall arrival.

Thom (& Cari)

Donna D. 05-26-2013 05:02 PM

Babs, don't know if you can see this... but there's a 2012 Parkliner advertised for sale on the CasitaForum here: Casita Travel Trailer Forum -> Classifieds -> 2012 Parkliner

If you're interested you'll have to go to the CasitaForum for the contact information.

Here's what the ad says:
2012 Parkliner, purchased in November 2012 for $18,960. Asking $15,900.
Purchased with every available option at the time, plus a few extras requested. And a few small modifications since then,
some of which have become options.
Used for only 10 nights.
This is basically a Casita SD with some impressive upgrades.
Have a friend who'd like a Casita with more head room? 6'5" ceiling.
No P-traps to freeze, slosh, or evaporate. Only waterless Hepvo valves.
No sliding windows to close in the rain. All Jalousie windows.
No carpeting on walls or ceiling, uses aircraft headliner.
Vinyl flooring.
LEDs in all cabin lights.
CO, LP, and Smoke detectors
Fantastic Fan
Furnace and air conditioner.
Dual 20 lb propane tanks
Dual 12v batteries
2" hitch receiver on rear bumper for bike rack or trunk carrier.
Extra large fresh water tank.
High ceiling allows ceiling lights for much nicer lighting.
No MDF, all real wood doors and cabinet doors.
High quality cabinet hardware.
Storage cabinets everywhere possible.
Due to extra height and width of trailer all cabinets are quite large.
Wood screen door
Kitchen pass-through window.
Front pass-through window, for security and for rinsing hose.
No structural rivets. All cabinets are glassed onto the shell.
Nice quality curtains on all cabin windows.
Side dinette also makes into bed, couch, or double bunk.
Upper bunk holds 6'2", 250 lb adult. (Lower also of course).
Rear dinette makes into 82"x60" queen sized bed(Parkliner's a bit wider than a Casita or Scamp, just a few inches for a full length bed)
Galley has 2 burner stainless steel stove, sink w/ hi-rise faucet, 3-way fridge, microwave, extra large cutlery drawer with quality drawer glides, pass-through window, added wooden cutting boards for over sink and stove.
Bathroom has Sealand ceramic toilet, small SS sink, roomy shower, and two large storage cabinets, added Dri-Deck tiles on floor.
2 12v outlets for chargers, etc.
added 5" pvc post cover behind propane tanks to hold large drain hose and accessories.
Axle can vbe adjusted for greater ground clearance if needed for boondocking.
Solid, attractive entrance door with home quality lockset, including dead bolt lock.

DJO 05-26-2013 07:11 PM

Welcome Babs. Folks here have been so very helpful, Parkliner owners and owners of other makes. We were planning to get our Parkliner in April.....but are still waiting. It sounds like it will be worth the wait though. We are planning on having Roger deliver it here to Denver. He delivered Thom's to Portland. We'll have to have you visit when it arrives. Many thanks to you Deryk, Thom, Mimi, etc.!

Don in Denver

accrete 05-26-2013 08:41 PM

Greetings Don, fun to hear of your upcoming arrival!

Roger is a great guy and you will be happy with his service.

And it will be worth the wait, as Chandler continues to gleen from its early customers. The product continues to be refined. He called me the other day and discussed something I had on my mind. Sure do hope I find myself sharing a campfire with him someday!

deryk 05-26-2013 08:50 PM

Im sure you are going to be very thrilled with your ParkLiner, as I am still with mine. I like the larger bed, how spacious it feels inside, moving up from a teardrop trailer sized camper its awesome haveing a shower and a porta potty. Ran the heat a bit at night this weekend...I have a feeling the weather will be flip flopping soon to ac lol. Mine tows beautifally behind my Rav4... so happy I got one!

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