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bownessboy 06-02-2013 09:33 AM

Ventura water tank.
Hello everyone I'm new to the site and new to owning a 1976 Ventura. Yesterday I found a crack in the water tank. I was wondering if anyone has pulled the water tank out of there trailer? and a good place in Calgary to get a new one? Or are they a custom build?

David B. 06-02-2013 10:51 AM

I own a scamp, so I don't know how to pull out your water tank, but when you do get it out, it can be repaired. It can be patched or plastic welded.

bownessboy 06-02-2013 05:45 PM

Ok Folks got it out and there is no repairing it... Does any one know of somewhere I can get a new one made? Looked on the internet and haven't found anything that fits the dimensions of my tank 40x 16.5x 4. I'm in Calgary AB.

Donna D. 06-02-2013 05:50 PM

HI Ian, :welcome2: to FiberglassRV, we're glad you're here!

You might check this out in the Helpful Links. The size looks almost the same as what is used in a Boler:

Dudley 06-02-2013 06:53 PM

Polyrama Plastics that made the tanks for the boler and Ventura has been sold to Norwesco and do not list the tank anymore. Better contact them to see if its still available. It does fit the Ventura but requires the cutting of a new hole in the floor to run the fill hose as the Ventura went through the top of the tank and the new one has a side fitting. This will require a bit of fiberglassing to patch the old hole.

I got mine 2 years ago and they were about $100 and they said they sold about 10 a month

Jared J 06-02-2013 07:15 PM

If that doesn't work, ameri-kart might have something that will fit.

Dudley 06-03-2013 06:55 PM

BTW welcome to fiberglassrv and the few Ventura owners! I am up in Edmonton and have had ours for 3 years now. If you have any questions, fire away.

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