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Stargazer 11-17-2013 08:41 PM

Hi I'm Steve
I have done a little browsing around and gotten some good info from this group. So, I've joined. Presently I don't own an RV but am seriously considering a Casita 17.' My wife is less camping orientated than I but hopefully she'll like the little egg, should we get it. We did have a conventional travel trailer about 15 years ago and we both enjoyed it, it was 17' 10" Prowler, Little Kitten. We used it for about 5 years and then sold it because of a job change with little vacation time available. Now with retirement we do once again have time. We plan on going numerous places on short trips, anywhere from a week to three weeks. Eventually I'd like to go up to Alaska for a two month trip. I would say the bed in are previous trailer was a little small but we never bothered to set up the dinette as a second bed. With the Casita we may, and are 60 pound dog will travel with us. The Casita will be smaller, a bit shorter, not nearly as wide or as tall. We have seen numerous Casitas at a rally we recently attended. We also really like the 19' Escape, but the budget dictates a used 17' model. I've got some questions, but I'll post them separately.

Cathi 11-17-2013 08:55 PM

Welcome, Steve!
There are used 17' Escapes around from time to time and it is certainly a very nice trailer. I assume you have looked on the Escape forum sales and also the Escape Industries site as they sell used ones once in a great while. You can definitely get one without too much wait if that's what you want.

Stargazer 11-17-2013 09:09 PM

17' Escape
Hi Cathy: First congratulations on getting the 19' model. As I recall the width of the bed in the 17' Escape is only about 48" whereas the Casita is a good bit wider. Also the Casita has a bigger bath area. Lastly, I think I should be able to get a better deal on a Casita because there are many more around to choose from. Certainly interested in hearing your thoughts.


carlkeigley 11-17-2013 09:17 PM

:welcome2: to the Forum Steve.
As you already know, there is tons of information from the
members on these boards. I lurked for some time and then
joined, and with all the information I gathered was able to
pick out the one suited for me. Good luck on your search.

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