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Winfield456 06-20-2014 08:50 AM

An excellent source book for repairs and mods to our trailers
I found this book at the library and it's an excellent source book for most of the things we need to do to our trailers to keep them looking good and running reliable.

"This Old Boat" by Don Casey (ISBN 978-0-07-147794-9)

Now while this is all about maintaining fibreglass boats, there are many sections that I have found useful when working on our Boler.

When you think about it, a fibreglass boat has most of the similar characteristics as the fibreglass trailer.

Chapters include repairing, restoring, maintaining and working with fibreglass for repairing scratches or other damage. Another chapter shows how to work with common materials such as plastics, acrylics and wood to make modifications to the trailer. Includes an extensive chapter on woodworking for adding cabinets for stowage or to create a custom look inside.

I found the Electrical chapter really informative and easy to understand and was useful when rewiring the 12 Vdc. There is a whole chapter on refinishing and painting the exterior using a brush or roller if that is your only option. The book also has a chapter for upholstery also to aid creating a new look or freshen up something you already have.

And while half of the book deals with things nautical, you can still glean information that may apply to a unique situation you may encounter doing maintenance.

The book is well written with plenty of illustrations and I found it a valuable resource when working on the Boler.

deryk 06-20-2014 11:01 AM

yup, I have a copy from when I restored and lived on a sailboat. Good book to own.

Bobbie Mayer 06-20-2014 01:18 PM

I have a similar book called "Fix it and Sail" which is great for how to do things with fiberglass, etc.

DaMScampers 06-20-2014 01:27 PM

Thanks. Just ordered it - with shipping - for $3.48 from

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