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FTTRV 10-02-2014 10:25 PM

Detachable Power Cord
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Picture of a Detachable Power Cord by Park Power. The parts are Marine quality comes in a complete kit easy to install. Color coded at each end so no wires get mixed up.

frank_a 10-03-2014 07:17 AM

I put in a 30 amp marine plug in the side of my ParkLiner, right in the door that was used for the old cable. Took the old cable, put a corresponding end on it and love it.


Timber Wolf 10-03-2014 07:36 AM

One day, when I run out of other projects, I may put one of these in on the street side of my Scamp. My older Scamp has the power cord coming out the curb side and it is a little inconvenient to pull it around to the pedestal behind the trailer when I hook up at a campground. Not to mention I lose a good 8’ of cord having to running it down, under, and across the trailer.

I notice in the OP’s picture above someone added a square aluminum plate behind the receptacle, presumably to cover/fill the previous cord hole. In researching another project recently I called a local metals supplier concerning such tread plate aluminum. He said they sell a lot of it and he had all kinds of “drops” (cut-offs from previous projects) out back so odd sizes were not charged at a premium as he probably had a piece close in size already. I was glad to hear that as I expected to have to pay for the next larger standard increment.

John Linck 10-03-2014 08:34 AM

I did a similar shore power mod with off-the-shelf parts from Home Depot, but downsized to 20 Amps as I don't have factory air or microwave. The standard 60 foot extension cord I now carry is lighter weight than the factory cable since its 12 gauge and somewhat less armored than the shorter factory cable. One bonus is that its much easier to coil/store. I needed 50 feet at a Michigan State Park last week. I do have a 5000 BTU window AC unit that I haven't used yet, but it only draws 6 Amps so 20 should be plenty. I considered carrying two cords, maybe 20 and 40 for flexibility, but so far just toss in the 60 footer. I added a 20 Amp surge protector inside the Scamp to protect the whole system. Ten thousand miles later it still works well. Thanks to those who did this before me and inspired the mod.

On the other hand, with the 100 watt solar panel on the roof we seldom have need for shore power anyway. The Michigan park was in deep forest shade on the shore of Lake Superior so the panel was pretty useless. The battery would have easily lasted the three days of our visit, but the campground power was there and "free" so we hooked up. My ten commandments of Scamping include: thou shalt never lose an opportunity to charge the battery, dump the tanks, fill the fresh water, check the propane, etc, etc.


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