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Lee Mansfield 11-26-2014 04:48 PM

New 1984 Scamp Owner with Questions
Hi we just drove from N. GA to Fl. and bought a 1984 and was wondering if you could please take a minute and answer a few questions. First we were lied to by the dealership, but we had been looking for a 13ft for a few months. :(

We are having to replace the front and back windows. We were also told that all the rivets should be replaced so they don't leak.

Also we are thinking of taking out the small gas furnace since the camper is so small and the gas and just using a small ceramic heater. What are your thoughts on it.
I would love to paint the walls but my husband called Scamp with an order and they said we couldn't. I don't see what the problem would be.

Our camper is really rough inside and the dealership sure hid things in the pictures. The owner before us painted the front window to keep the sun out. I like the sun and brightness. (how can we take the paint off?) I would love to take the tall closet door off and have a curtain material hanging there instead.

If you have some time we can use all the info you can give us.

We had an alpaca farm for 11 yrs and never got to go any where plus I have a lot of health problems and want to try and visit the kids and grand kids now that we are going to be 70.

Thank You,

SimplyLesa 11-27-2014 10:00 AM

The 83 I had sold for $3300 - when someone seems appropriate sometimes we make adjustments to asking price which was $3700.

The woman who bought it it spent the first night camping near me because she drove five hours to buy it.* She was happy and smiling the next morning. Thanking me for doing such a nice job as I drove on. Makes me feel good.

My 1983 was in very rough shape when I got it.
I did replace some of the rivets...I chose to do the ones that leaked. That turned out to be easy although you need two people.* One inside and out.
Mine didn't have a heater. I think an electric if you are in campgrounds is great.* I'm not a fan of propane because of a breathing issue. Butane stoves are easy to deal with and you can then have a great countertop.
Mine had elephant skin on the walls. It was nasty and black with mold. I scrubbed it clean with Simple Green then let it dry and we painted it with good quality latex paint.
My doors had been rained on for years and had swollen.* The hinges wouldn't stay in the I bought a set of twin sized microfiber sheets and extra pillow cases at Wal-Mart. I used the flat sheet to make the closet and lower sink curtains. I would suggest weighting them hem. I gathered them onto sew on velcrow (curtain side) and then used glue on velcro on the closet wall...i am practical and figure everything fabric should wash. Standard pillow cases are just the right size for the windows especially if you use cafe curtain hooks. I spray painted the old rusted rods because of my budget. ..they were shiny and new looking.
Let me know if you need any more information. ..I KNOW how challenging this can be. I got taken to the cleaners a couple times during my process too...people are so incredibly greedy and dishonest these days. good guys out number them tho.

Bob Miller 11-27-2014 11:01 AM

Welcome to FGRV Ownership

SCAMP rivets also have a cap and a retainer on the outside. Some times you can just replace the caps, other times you will need to replace the retainer and the cap, in which case it will require removing the old rivet. Drilling out and replacing Pop-Rivets is fairly easy and SCAMP will sell you the right size rivets, caps and retainers. I always put a dab of RV putty tape under new rivets to help with the seal. But, unless they are leaking, they usually don't require replacement.

I'll almost bet that the painted over windows were badly fogged and needed replacement anyway. As many are plastic of some sort, there isn't much that will remove paint without damaging the plastic in the process. If they are glass I'd still remove them before stripping to prevent splash damage to the bodywork/interior.

If you only camp where there is power, a small 120 VAC heater (or when boondocking a small propane heater, but be sure to keep a window open for air) will usually take care of down to about 35 degrees. Much below that and you will wish you had the furnace. Not only that, the furnace will quickly take the chill off in the morning. We have all three in our 13' Hunter, Furnace, electric heater and a Coleman BlackCat LP heater and use what's best for the moment.

Can't comment on painting as our SCAMP had Rat fur inside.

Good Luck

Frederick L. Simson 11-27-2014 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by Lee Mansfield (Post 493899)
I would love to paint the walls but my husband called Scamp with an order and they said we couldn't. I don't see what the problem would be.


Originally Posted by Bob Miller (Post 493970)
Can't comment on painting as our SCAMP had Rat fur inside.

My best guess is that the Scamp factory was thinking about the current headliner material (a.k.a. "Rat Fur") and not the earlier Ensolite wall covering. There have been many members here who have successfully painted the Ensolite.

Carol H 11-27-2014 09:53 PM

If you plan on camping without power at any time removing the furnace may be something your regret. I would be inclined to leave it in until you have used the trailer a year to see where and what type of camping you will be doing.

I suspect Frederick is correct. The wall covering on the old scamps can indeed be painted but not the ones with what we call rat fur (marine headliner) on the walls.

Scamp use to sell a package that contained all the different rivet sizes found on their trailers - I don't see it on their on line parts shop but you should phone and ask. They do though sell a package with the snap caps and holders you will need.

If you pull out and reseal the windows be sure to use butyl tape to do that. If you goggle this site you will find lots of info on window resealing.

If you remove the door of the tall cabinet don't be surprised if everything you store in their ends up on the floor while traveling.

As far as removing paint from the front window - at lot depends on what type of paint they will need to do some homework on what might work as if its like my Scamp its a plastic window.

David B. 11-27-2014 11:22 PM

Wouldn't a rubbing compound following with a polish take the paint off the plastic window and clear up the old scratched plastic?
Dave & Paula

Perry J 11-28-2014 12:14 AM

I replaced the front and rear windows in a Lil Bigfoot I restored, same windows as Scamp.
I removed the windows out and took them to a plastic's distributor and they used my windows as a template to cut me new windows.
As I remember they charged me about $35.00 each.
If this is your first TT you will enjoy it so much you might want a larger one or more amenities.
Removing the gas heater will cost you in resale value and make it more difficult to sell.

Bob Miller 11-28-2014 12:18 AM

Only in the very off chance that it's a latex paint that will yield to ammonia is there much hope of removal. Almost all other paints have a solvent base that will attack the plastic surface and damage it. It would take so much work to polish it out to satisfaction that having a new window cut from appropriate material would be much more attractive. Ask me how I know..... been there, done that.

SimplyLesa 11-28-2014 06:16 AM

Gas heater - please check all the gas lines carefully. And your propane tank and regulator. My copper lines had one to one and a half inch holes in them and my tank and regulator were too old to be repaired. Since parts were missing from the stove as well I made the decision to pull them out. This gave me a large counter space. A portable butane stove worked well.
Mine did not have a heater.
My reason for replying is simply to remind you to check the safety of your propane system before you make a decision. It may become a factor.

Carol H 11-28-2014 11:27 AM


Originally Posted by SimplyLesa (Post 494051)
My reason for replying is simply to remind you to check the safety of your propane system before you make a decision. It may become a factor.

Good advise. We should all have our trailers gas systems check over regularly by someone who actually knows what to look for!

Even fairly new trailers!

Have a friend who purchased a new scamp with an oven. She had problems lighting it from day one and as a result had only used it a couple of times in 3 years, which turned out to be a good thing. One day we decided we needed to use it, when it was being light it burst into flames and started several other items in the trailer on fire :eek:

Once we got the fire out she made the decision to have the oven removed as soon as she returned home..... while it was being removed they discovered the gas fittings had never been installed correctly at the factory! In hindsight she should have taken it to be checked the first time she had trouble lighting it.

Bob Miller 11-28-2014 02:09 PM

Most know that I'm not big on defending builders, but this time I think that SCAMP might deserve a bit of slack.

RV stoves, like home stoves, usually only have one fuel input and, if the rest of the stove worked OK for 3 years, it would sound like SCAMP did their part right and that there was an internal problem with the oven itself.

One would hope that SCAMP tests all of the appliances to rule out problems before delivery.

But the important tip is to get appliances checked out immediately if there is any question about how they are functioning. Good to hear that no one was hurt.

Lee Mansfield 11-30-2014 09:54 AM

Thanks for all the help . I put in new weather strip and got the window in but have a small gap at bottom corner cant seem to move window to center havent tried to put locking strip in waiting for tool Lee

Lee Mansfield 12-01-2014 05:44 PM

front window
I want to thank everyone for all the help with putting in a new window. Finally finished it today. I had to take it half way out and started over and then it went into the gasket. It sure is nice to know how many folks are out there to help each other. Thanks again Lee

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