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giro53 06-19-2015 12:54 PM

batteries costco
Looking for new trailer batteries class 27 deep discharge.
Costco has two 207210 kirkland and 207220. The 220 has slightly better amp hours but is also labeled marine starting and deep discharge. Cannot find a weight or cycle recharge information on either. Anyone have more information before a walk in with my bathroom scale.


Darwin Maring 06-19-2015 03:29 PM

I purchase from Walmart because they are everywhere and have a great warranty.

Perry J 06-19-2015 06:47 PM

I buy at Wal Mart for the same reason as Darren and I've been Costco member over 30 years.

The only battery I've had a problem with was a Costco battery while on a trip and it was very inconvenient finding a Costco ay the time.
That's NOT saying anything is wrong with Costco batteries.

Ian G. 06-19-2015 07:14 PM

I cannot give you the specifications but I believe they are made by Johnson Controls. I bought the Costco group 27 for my Casita, I did some reasearch and many RV'ers on other forums rated them very good, I was also very impressed, especially for the price.

giro53 06-19-2015 07:48 PM

Thanks for the info. Do remember which. Class 27 of the two avail you purchased?

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