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Kathy T 07-13-2015 12:21 PM

Question for you: getting trailer into/out of garage w/ 7 ft. door?
Anyone have experience with getting trailer in/out of garage that is not quite tall enough? I have 7' garage door and camper I am considering is 7'7". Someone suggested swapping out the tires for "doughnut" spares just for getting it in & out. Anyone tried this ?? Any other ideas?? I don't want to have to remodel the front of my house to get an 8' door if I don't have to or store it somewhere else. Thanks for helping me out !!

Bob Miller 07-13-2015 12:26 PM

You need to tell us what FGRV you are looking at and if it has a roof a/c or a roof vent so we can reply as to what will work. For many using smaller 8" wheels and tires from a pop-up tent trailer will provide and answer, but again, the existing wheel bolt pattern needs to be known.

Gotta warn you though, getting 7" of additional clearance will not be easy.

Kathy T 07-13-2015 01:26 PM

Thanks, Bob for your quick reply.....
I haven't chosen a camper yet, but am looking at several. I like Lil' Snoozy because there is nothing on top. A/C is mounted out back up high beside the door. The owner said something about getting something like a low beefed-up furniture dolly (for want of a better comparison) and then removing wheels altogether, but although I am mighty I am 5'2" and don't know how I would maneuver that because then the tongue would be too low to tow into garage. Most Scamps have top-mounted stuff. We will see. I am still shopping. Thanks again. Happy Trails !!

alan H 07-13-2015 01:27 PM

Since i have a HOA that will not allow me to park on driveway... My solution to a 7 ft door ( with a sectional door)
Was to make the roof vent removable
Then to disconnect the connecting bar from door to garage door opener and simply push up and temp block the door with a precut ( about 8" piece of 2x 4

Trailer then simply goes back in
No tires to change etc... Whole process takes me about 5 min

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Kathy T 07-13-2015 01:33 PM

Thank you, Alan, but.....
One of the trailers I am considering is the Lil' Snoozy and it has nothing at all on the top. A/C is up high on rear side by door, so nothing to disconnect. Still shopping, but thought I would try to solve as many problems as I could beforehand. Thanks a lot!

floyd 07-13-2015 01:42 PM

In many cases you can raise the tongue to lower the back then lower the tongue as you pass the axle.

Kathy T 07-13-2015 02:04 PM

Floyd, I appreciate that feedback....
But one of the campers I am considering is 2500 lbs and I can't see myself wiggling it around much. 7" doesn't seem like a lot, but I would sure hate to mess it up by trying something above my capabilities !! I am still shopping, but trying to overcome my obstacles while I am looking. Appreciate your comments

Bob Miller 07-13-2015 04:59 PM

Again, if you can tell us the specifics of the camper you are looking at we can provide some advice about your problem and if it can be easily resolved.;

Kathy T 07-13-2015 09:19 PM

Thanks again, Bob.....
When I make a choice I will get back to you so as not to waste your time with a lot of "what ifs" for numerous brands.

Ian G. 07-14-2015 06:12 AM


Originally Posted by Bob Miller (Post 534602)
Gotta warn you though, getting 7" of additional clearance will not be easy.

I agree, figure that smaller wheels may gain you 3" maybe 4" tops. Most FGRV's use 13" tire which means with the tires removed and sitting on the ground they will only be about 10" lower and that is not realistic at all. I use 4.80-8" wheels on my Boler to clear the 7" door into my garage, these have a diameter of 16" whereas the road wheels (175/80-13) have a 24" diameter, so the tiny 8" wheels only lower my trailer 4".

john madill 07-14-2015 10:04 AM

Consider a Compact Jr or Hunter Kathy.....
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They were designed to fit in an ordinary garage with a pop up top to give standing headroom when camping.

This beauty belonged to a very nice couple who attended last September's egg rally at Algonac State Park here in Michigan.

If I remember correctly they tow it back and forth to Florida and log a lot of nights in it.

slimmit 07-14-2015 11:21 AM

i fit a boler into a garage by taking the tires off and using Car dollies under the frame. it wouldnt fit even under the hubs. you may need 2x4s. even at this point the hubs still scrapped along the ground with less than an 1/2" at the roof vent. if it didn't fit after that I would have taken the vent cover off.

Uplander 07-14-2015 01:25 PM

FORGET ABOUT IT!!! Or build a free standing garage with a taller entry door...there is a company that will deliver and build on your property a metal garage (color of your choice) with a tall entry door...problem solved...and cost effective. Company is in North Carolina and has done this for customers in upstate New York and Vermont. Do an Internet search to locate them.

Bob Miller 07-14-2015 01:41 PM

WOW.... That's not exactly a very helpful reply to the O.P.'s question.
It's also making a lot of assumptions:

1. That the OP even has room on her property for a 2nd garage
2. That local building codes & zoning will allow a second garage
3. That the OP can afford to build a second garage and buy an FGRV.
4. That the OP. like many others. might consider a metal garage to be about the ugliest thing she can to to the neighborhood.

As there are a number of FGRV owners on this site that have to deal with this very problem, let's let them provide workable solutions.

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