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KBrothers 10-12-2015 12:42 PM

1983 13' Scamp *Damaged*
19833' Scamp Trailer **Damaged**

See posting for info. This trailer recently suffered damage to the fiberglass and wood flooring above the left wheel well. At this point trying to assess the value of the trailer and how much repairs may cost. Trailer fully drivable.

Any questions you can respond to the craigslist posting.



Craigslist posting content:

Selling my 1983 Scamp. Recent damage to the fiberglass shell (see attached photos). Trailer is still functioning and completely drivable. Basic trailer with Ice Box, water pump, and light system.

Smaller repairs are needed throughout trailer, but do not compromise function: Loose hinges, warped door (Does not sit fully flush), along with standard wear and tear.

The left rim broke off during travel, causing damage to the fiberglass shell and part of the wood flooring. Both bearings and wheels have been replaced, and trailer is fully drivable.

I'll be making various repairs to the trailer, and updating price accordingly. Thought I'd post pre-repair to see if someone wanted to purchase and make repairs on there own. Email for any questions.


ashleysteeves 12-08-2015 10:16 PM

is it still available?
how can i find your craisglist post? link?

alan H 12-09-2015 09:25 AM

Since this is a rather old post and the craigslist ad is "deleted" i'm thinking it may have been sold
You might try doing a search using
Searchtempest.... That will search all craigslist ads.... Many times old ones are still listed and you may get lucky and find the ad which might contain a phone number under the contacts
Definitely worth a shot

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