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Sybilcat 12-17-2015 03:04 PM

How to remove elephant skin?
I am completely stripping out my '79 Scamp. Does anyone have a trick for easily removing the elephant skin wall & ceiling coverings? The vinyl part peels off but most of the black foam is left behind. I want it all gone! Thanks. :(

Casita Greg 12-17-2015 03:07 PM

I don't know about "easy" removal. That stuff is tenacious. You'll definitely have a job for a while.

Eddie Longest 12-17-2015 04:39 PM

Use a multi tool to get the foam and vinyl off. A twisted wire brush will remove the glue if you are using reain to attach things to the shell. If regluing stuff just glue over top of the old glue after cleaning things up with a wire brush

ckayaker 12-18-2015 03:06 PM

I'm not sure why you are removing the old 'skin', but I wonder if anyone has considered replacing it with wood? I keep looking at the 'skin' and thinking wood paneling would be so sweet...

Roger C H 12-18-2015 04:33 PM

Be careful what you remove
Many people redo the inside of their rigs. :D
I hope that they are aware that some of the internal structure is just that, structural and necessary for the strength of the unit. :eek:

Island Claire 12-18-2015 05:34 PM

Take a look at this thread

colinn 12-18-2015 09:09 PM

Thanks for the bump Claire :-) I used my oscillating multitool to remove alot of wall covering in my trillium and it worked great. The material I removed from the closet was reused on the wall to cover where the kitchen had been. Just make sure you keep the cutter firmly against the fiberglass wall.

oliviaherrick 12-18-2015 09:13 PM

I wish I could go back and NOT remove our ensolite! I know everything will be okay in the end, but it was such a rough process! What are you doing to replace it?

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