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Uncle Cereal 01-07-2016 12:16 AM

Need help with Boler windows inspection/care
New 1975 Boler owner here. As we are getting ready to clean up inside the trailer before an eventual paint job inside and outside, I'm wondering if I shouldn't start with windows (and door?) inspection.

What do you experts think?
Should I systematically change the rubber around the windows?
Some of the plexiglass windows look really rough. Should I change them?
Am I right to want to look into it before painting?

I looked a little bit in the different threads but didn't find what I needed right away.

Where do I get the rubber and plexiglass?

Thank you beforehand for your answers and/or links to good info!

bullfrogeh 01-07-2016 09:53 AM

Hi Sylvio; - I'm in the same boat as you with my 1973 Boler. I obtained the rubber for the front and back windows from Paul Nuemeister at 'A-1 Auto' in Sebringville, ON. He's the Boler 'guru' for almost 'everything' Boler or Trillium, in Ontario; and is easily talked to; worked with; etc. YMMV - But, I have decided to pull the windows prior to painting inside or outside, likely in the spring. My plexiglass is in reasonable condition and I won't be replacing it; but, others have indicated that a replacement piece is usually easily available from your local 'glass' dealer. Sounds like it is fairly easily cut to size.
Good luck with your reno plans.

Uncle Cereal 01-07-2016 10:08 AM


Please give us a report when you do change the rubber seal on your windows.

I also looked at Complete Guide to 13′ Boler Fiberglass Trailers, a link that someone gave me when I join the Forum. Helpful. I think I'll take care of the windows before the paint job. Once I can get the trailer* inside, I'll take a better look at everything.

I wonder if we have any "Boler guru" in Québec...

*I'm thinking about "Super Bol" as a nickname for my trailer. French allusion to the Superbowl, to the name "Boler" and to a bowl of cereal, my nickname on this forum that I might explain later, when I have time... :-)

bullfrogeh 01-08-2016 09:11 AM

Paul Nuemeister operates an automotive repair shop (A-1 Auto) just north-west of Sebringville (near Stratford). He dies Boler work for many persons in Ontario, as well as into the neighbouring 'States'. He has acquired a 'moderate' stock on hand for Boler materials (door hinges, etc.) and does axle changeovers, etc. I'd check him out for anything Boler (or molded FGRV) related.

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