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Gennaver 01-07-2016 05:38 AM

Soon to launch into fulltime.
Hello all,

Its countdown to take off time for me, t- 12 days until I move in to my trailer full time and also head cross country.

First time for both, (RVing and towing.)

Since I didn't have the right tv when I purchased the trailer I still have to pick it up. Due to holidays and my schedule I will finally get her on the 15th of January. Giving me a couple days to load up before I drive out for California.

Now I'm feeling it! I appreciate you all letting me ask, post and ramble!

reeves99 01-07-2016 06:23 AM

Wonderful news Jen!
Please post regularly and keep us up to date on your travels :)

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kirkman 01-07-2016 05:21 PM


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Gennaver 01-07-2016 06:41 PM

http://jenniferblockerphoto.zenfolio...2f95#h60ba2f95Thank you much!

Today I realized that part of my job transfer involves giving me time to get ready to go. I asked Randy if I could come and get the trailer today and he said yes.

Awesome. :) He helped so much, really went above and beyond and is so good natured and just a really nice man. His wife, is definitely a good person to meet. I appreciated her encouragement too. Nice.

I updated my blog today about it. Here is the Trailer as I pulled over for a quick stop after my first 90 miles on the highway, and through Nashville traffic. http://jenniferblockerphoto.zenfolio...2f95#h60ba2f95

neparker 01-08-2016 01:01 PM

Safe travels, Jen. And please do keep us posted.

-- Anne

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