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janel 09-26-2016 01:42 PM

Hi I'm Jane
Just bought Happy, a Hunter Compact Jr 1972. And I am retiring Sept 30th, this Friday!!

Happy doesn't have a refrigerator. Happy needs a refrigerator. How can Happy find someone in Colorado to install a refrigerator who gets more then 1 1/2 stars on Yelp reviews? All the RV dealers and service people I find online in the Denver area appear to be con artists.

Please help Happy be happier.

Paul O. 09-26-2016 04:00 PM

Well, you are not counting down years, months, weeks, or days, you are counting down hours and minutes!

That stage in life was a pleasant one for me, I have to say. Welcome to the forum.

I hope somebody can help with the fridge. Interesting observation about the Denver area RV dealers. I am paying attention, since we travel there often and hope to move there.

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