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Terry in Idaho 02-13-2018 05:01 PM

Hi I am Terry from Boise Idaho
I found my 13' Casita last summer. I went to a garage sale and noticed the little Casita in a neighbor's driveway. I left a note by their front door saying I was interested in their Casita.

Two months later the owner called me and said he would sell it. I thought I was getting a great deal...for $2,300. It had new cushions...everything seemed to work. I bought new tires - that's another story.

Took it home = put he license plates on. For some reason it kept sparking with the screw driver - then there was a terrible burning smell. I rushed inside the trailer - disconnected the battery. All the electrical wires melted.

I took Freida Bella to be rewired. For $1,200 the Casita was ready to hit the road. Went to one state park and two trips to the Oregon Coast. I love the trailer and feel it was a great deal even with the electrical crises.

Can't wait for spring to take her out somewhere?

Mike Magee 02-13-2018 05:47 PM

Yes, you still made out pretty well costwise. Congratulations on finding your trailer!

Jon in AZ 02-13-2018 06:27 PM

For many budget-priced trailers, the wiring isn't that well done from the factory, and by the time they're a decade or two old, there's no telling what some previous owner may have done.

You spent a chunk of money, but you're likely better than new on the wiring.

You can also be thankful it happened in your driveway and not while you were sleeping in it or barreling down the highway.

Congratulations, and happy camping!

RV Doctor 02-13-2018 07:54 PM

Welcome and Congratulations Terry!

Terry in Idaho 02-13-2018 10:20 PM

Thank you for your comments. I failed to mention on the side of it there is a tag that says it was manufactured in 1981. That surprised me because information that is out states Casita's began in 1982.

The tire story was a bit unique. I went to Les Swab and they sold 15 inch tires. They worked fine...except the spare tire does not mount on top of the the original tire. I bought bumper mount for a works but not as cool looking.

Oh well.

k0wtz 02-14-2018 09:51 AM

You did sooo good for yourself I too do not understand why the electrical work is so shabby in our campers but you never know someone else may have cobbeled up your wiring also. apparently they had positive to ground in your trailer good thing you caught it might have burned it down.

I put a switch on ours to shut all 12v off to the trailer when not in use!

have a great time and be proud


Kai in Seattle 02-14-2018 11:43 AM

Welcome to FGRV and fiberglass trailer adventures.


Jon in AZ 02-14-2018 12:33 PM


Originally Posted by Terry in Idaho (Post 683676)
...I failed to mention on the side of it there is a tag that says it was manufactured in 1981. That surprised me because information that is out states Casita's began in 1982...

Casita's website says they started in 1983, but I'm guessing that was when they set up shop in Rice, TX. Prior to that, they built trailers for a short time in Backus, MN alongside Scamp, starting in... guess when?... 1981. So you have a first-year Casita!

Here's a short thread...

...with a link to this long thread on the history of Bolers and their descendants:

...and here's the relevant post:

Originally Posted by Roy in TO (Post 61546)
I've been trying to figure out some of the history of our eggs, but have found quite a few holes from 72-82.

Consensus seems that there were many offshoots off the original Boler in the early 70's. An article posted on Bolerama from the Manitoba Business Journal in Jan 1972 states that the American Manufacturing rights were sold to Elenor International in 1971. Supposedly out of 3 plants. I don't know when they ended production but could only find a reference to Elenor International in the KS courts in 1973.

A thread in the archives indicates that the Casita was 1st produced in the Scamp Factory. Other threads I've seen indicate that the Scamp was originally called the Acorn due to legal issues over the name.

So if you know about some of the history, please post it with links in the table below. It would be interesting to learn the origins of all the offshoots of the Boler. There are too many similarities between the Scamp, Boler, Acorn, Love Bug, Perris Pacer, Trek, Eco and others for then not to be historically related in one way or another. Plus there has to be some interesting stories of someone leaving one firm to become the competition. Sources and links would be appreciated.


1968 - 1st Boler produced in Winnipeg, MB by Ray Olecko
1971 - American rights sold to Elenor International of Wichita, KS
1972 - Boler American produced (1972- ??) (3 plants)
1980-1990 - Perris Pacer produced in San Jacito, CA
1981 - 1st Casita produced in Backus, MN

Lee Senn 02-14-2018 12:51 PM

Terry Welcome to the forum from just down the road in Twin Falls. Trust me even with additional cost of rewiring your Casita you still got quite a bargain . Hope to meet you at some of the gatherings . One gathering , actually mostly teardrop trailers but all are welcome , is in the Wind River Mountains near Pinedale Wyoming we attend with our 16 foot Scamp hope to see you there. If interested please let me know and I will provide additional info . Lee and Norma

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