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jnoland 07-08-2018 10:04 AM

Air Conditioner kaput
The Coleman Mack AC unit on our 1999 16 ft Scamp (deluxe) quit after running hard on high/high all day at Siskiwit Bay Marina on the south shore of Lake Superior. We did have a good night due to a nice breeze off the lake but I jumped on the problem right after coffee. After unplugging the Scamp I removed the lower panel and exposed the power in wires. Plugged in again and found no power to the unit.
Unplugging the RV and reassembled covers. Went to converter/circuit breaker panel and (since I had flipped #2 several times) I unplugged the RV and exposed the 120 V wires, then plugged in and measured voltage on yellow output wire. Na na, zip, zero voltage. Switched AC wire to #3 output and we're cool again. I will replace #2 circuit breaker asap. By the way the Parallax Power Supply was replaced last week. [emoji848]

steve dunham 07-08-2018 11:36 AM

Buy a HACR rated circuit breaker

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