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Butsky 07-09-2018 10:47 AM

Boler fridge tilt angle
This past weekend, I thought my original Boler fridge had bit the dust. Parked with just a SLIGHT tilt to the right side (door), perhaps 5 degrees or so. Cooling coils at room temp. Got home, on level driveway, worked fine again. Are these fridges THAT sensitive to tilt? I don`t recall it being that fussy before!

Borrego Dave 07-10-2018 02:44 AM

Ron, the older units were pretty sensitive to not being level. Not sure if 5* would enough for your experience but maybe it's getting close to giving up the ghost. Might try a little cleaning of the flue etc and see if that helps. My first RV, 70s era, had a number of repair tickets in it for the same thing. I've been a holdover ever since then to leveling the refer to exactly center bubble. The newer refers will work fine with the level of the RV being comfortable enough for you being in it. If I now have half the bubble in the bulls eye, the refer works fine, even with it being in the 90s.

Butsky 07-10-2018 06:48 AM

Tilt Angle
Hmm, so do you think that my fridge may be a bit low on ammonia, making it sensitive to lean angle more than normal?

Gerry Kiernan 07-10-2018 11:29 AM

I have a large Dometic three way fridge, that is maybe seven years old. It is quite sensitive to angle. 5% degrees would probably be enough to stop it from cooling properly.

KarlB 07-18-2018 08:14 PM

i took my fridge out and cleaned everything I could and then flipped it upside down for a day. Flipped it back, plunged it in and it was nice and cold in no time.
Why this works, Iím not sure but I read it a while back in a refrigeration manual.

stude 07-18-2018 08:36 PM

Frdge Problem
We have a Norcold Fridge double door and it is 12 years old and I park the MH at any angle plus I leave it on 24/7 as I have drugs that have to be kept cold but not frozen and I have never had a problem, We could use the Hyd. Jacks but for me they are a pain in the but as most places we pull into are pretty flat. But when sister in law with us she wants her head flat and I Just well tough it out the jacks are not coming down. We get a bit of moisture on items occasionally but fridge works at about 25/30 degrees below the outside Temperature. I wonder if a fan would make it dryer.
But to answer your question, it should work at 5% tilt.

ZachO 07-18-2018 09:16 PM

I think it was sometime in the 80s the "new" generation of fridges came out, which didn't need to be nearly so level. I'm guessing they've continued to improve on that, but with my 91 dometic, I don't worry about level unless I'm off enough to be uncomfortable. My fridge seems to work pretty poorly whether it's level or not :D

But I always get as close to level as possible. Why not? It's so much more comfy. I've never used the stabilizer jacks to level at all. Just the tongue jack and leveling blocks.

stude 07-18-2018 10:02 PM

propane fridge problems
I was trying to remember what I did with those 1940's Fridges made out of steel with several shelves and a smallish freezer in them when they did not work. I talked to some repair guys at the coast and they said to drop it on there heads and if still not working roll it around the yard.
So after they took a look at it they found nothing wrong and it lit right up for them. I get back to the cabin and while in the truck i try my damdest to light it and it will not light. So I did what they told me and dropped it off the back of the truck and rolled it around the yard several times and put it in the cabin and would you believe it the dam fridge lit up first try and I left it running all spring, summer, fall and in November shut it off for the winter months as it will get down to minus 50*F at times.
So that is what I used to do with the one in the MH finally quits I will have the repair guys check it out and if okay remove the freon or what ever they use in them now and clean the unit including the Exhaust system and keep on using it but if it is not good I will just go and pick up a new one or good used.

Glenn Baglo 07-18-2018 11:21 PM

You could save a lot of time if you just rolled the MH. :loltu

stude 07-18-2018 11:46 PM

Glenn I have tried to go smaller but,

Originally Posted by Glenn Baglo (Post 708034)
You could save a lot of time if you just rolled the MH. :loltu

:my wife refuses to give up the walk around Queen bed she does not have to climb over me ever! Right now she is doing all the driving or since we left Dawson City because I lost my sight in my right eye over night from cooughing so bad from some kind of lung infection I picked up along the way. Get to Anchorage Alaska where they have probably the best eye surgeons around Alaska and they told me it was not a Detached Retna but a blood vessel had burst in the back of my eye as all I could see were these big pools of blood floating around back there. They told from day 1 to 6 months it should heal itself. I'm really glad she can drive this 30' with car for toad hooked up on back, does not seem to bother her.
I have been trying to talk her into similar but smaller Navion with Diesel for 2 years now but it is a no go and everyone that owns them a few years old with low KM's or miles will not sell them as they love them so much.

k corbin 07-19-2018 02:48 AM

In general the RV industry appliance repairman says not to be tilted more than 3 degrees. Operating it outside that limit for more than 30 minutes can damage it as sediments can pool and block circulation of the fluids. Older fridges have a lot more sediment in them and are therefore more easily blocked and damaged than a newer unit. Fridges do last forever.

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